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These Are the Casino Games With the Best Odds

Odds are the calculations made by the casino to determine the chances that a player has of winning or losing a specific game. This is important, because a reputable casino needs to ensure that their games are relatively fair, but also have a means of earning income from the house edge, which is part of why the house edge exists at all. Different games have different levels of popularity, complexity, and other factors that help determine the kind of odds that the casino assigns to them.

What this means for you as the player is that there are some casino games that are more worth your time than others. This doesn’t mean that you must suddenly give up on your favourite game because it doesn’t have the best odds - but when it comes to winning more consistently, there’s no doubt that you should focus on a few specific casino games.


Roulette is a staple in any casino, with their notable spinning wheels and large playing spaces. The game has long been a favourite of those that like a challenge, because the game gives you the chance to mix and match a variety of different wagers together.

The odds in roulette are also quite good, especially if you’re playing the European version of the game, which has odds of close to 49%. This means that there’s a 49% chance that you are going to win a wager, and a 51% chance that the house is going to win. This is also why so many people feel that roulette is one of the best games around for making serious money.


The table game of Craps has only recently really gained a lot of its popularity, but much like roulette, it’s become extremely common to find a craps game taking place in a casino.

The game makes use of dice along with a series of different bets to choose from. It’s generally recommended to focus on the simplest bets that you can, because then you can expect odds of around 50%, meaning that you have just as much chance of winning as the house does. It’s not unusual for craps to offer the very best odds at a casino.


Next up is blackjack, a game that’s become hugely popular due to the fact that players can use skill and strategy to improve their winning chances. While second only to poker in terms of overall popularity, Blackjack is still a force in the industry, and has seen its player base grow consistently year after year.

The card game is exceedingly easy to learn and play, but what really brings people to the table is the odds. On average, blackjack games have odds of around 49%, meaning that the house only has a 1% advantage over players.


Slots are the world’s most played casino games, but they offer the least favourable odds on this list. However, when you play online pokies for real money the trick is to find a game with the best Return To Player percentage. The higher the RTP, the greater your chances are of winning more money, more often. An average RTP is 95%, so look for games that have higher than this to enjoy the best possible odds with every spin.

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