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Top 5 Mechanics & Techniques
Every Rocket League Pro Masters

The professional competitive side of Rocket League has left us on more than one occasion with great moves that escaped even what the developers themselves thought could be done with the car. Starting the engine and starting to score goals may seem simple, but completely dominating the vehicle is something very different. There are certain moves that differentiate the casual player from the one who is really dedicated and perfectly controls a style of play that is difficult to achieve unless you take many hours.

Just like in football, Rocket League has created its own watermarks and dribbles, shots on goal that not even a goalkeeper would be able to stop. All in all, moves you have to know to be considered a Rocket League pro. If you also want to push yourself to the limit your car and stand out from the rest of your opponents, start with a personalized game without rivals, because hard days of training await you before you jump on the pitch. here list the mechanics that are used mostly by pro players in Rocket League.

Rocket League Pro

The Double Jump

It may seem simple, it's even the first thing we're going to have fun with, but the double jump is the main move that defines a rookie or amateur of a professional. Although the cars were designed to have all four wheels on the ground, their future is drawn in the sky, and that's something that Rocket League have been able to implement from the beginning. The double jump is usually used to reach that ball that is a little higher off the ground, although most newbies will use it to launch themselves head-on while spending the turbo.

The professional plays differently. The double jump is the origin of the basic tricks. Either from waiting to place the car to start flying and finishing from the top or to make a half-flip and change the position of the vehicle. In short, a skill that is perfected over time, and that only the best end up mastering.

Control of The Ball

On the pitch are the players and the ball, another element that rolls with total freedom obeying the physical laws. This is the main element of the game, and without the ball there would be no Rocket League. Therefore, precise control is what unleashes the magic of the most impossible plays. It's not just about the control of finishing and that the ball goes towards the opposite goal, it's about flowing with the ball.

It is a movement that is usually seen in the most defensive players, those who wait for the moment to control that ball that is directed to the goal, being placed in such a way that the ball settles almost to their wheels when the ball bounces off the body. Then begins a race throughout the field, in which the professional is able to accelerate just enough to not lose control, accompanying until the last meter to his faithful companion. Knowing where you are going to bounce the ball to use the momentum needed to be waiting for it before it touches the ground.

The Doink

Have you ever been lucky enough to hit a ball you were trying to defend and it went out firing at the opposing goal offering you a goal that you savored every second of the replay? Whether it's been luck or perfect calculation, you'll agree it's one of the best moments of a match. A ball from which nobody expects anything but that comes out fired with more height than expected, to sneak over the rest of the vehicles which you can buy with Rocket League credits in Item Shop and end up exploding in the goal.

It is not an easy task, far from it, to master the doink to perfection. It is an art within the reach of very few, and there are even fewer people still who master it in its entirety. You have to have many hours with your car to know how the ball bounces in every corner, to orient yourself in the right position and enjoy that goal that is very likely to go up on the scoreboard.

The Rehearsed Move

It seems impossible, but they exist, and they are key to securing victory. From individual plays to team plays, having an ace up your sleeve that surprises the opponent can be decisive when it comes to sentencing a match. There are many, and online you find great movements that will take time to master, but once you do you will feel on top. For example, walls are evil for newbies, it's hard to control the ball and they often play against us. But not for the professional.

He knows how to touch the ball, climb up the wall without separating from the nose and use a double jump to finish in true Oliver Atom style. And if we can already combine it with a centered pass that is willing to finish with our teammate, we will have the unstoppable play. However, discovering our cards too soon can be a double-edged sword, as our rivals will already know how we spend them.

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