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Tarot Cards for Health – Learn What’s Ailing You

Tarot cards can be your window to the future. They can also peak into your past to tell you which decisions significantly impacted your life. They are also capable of telling you about your health and causing that pain in your shoulder. It can pinpoint the reason for that pain, the one that your doctor could not help you with, and its reasoning may very well be in one of your previous lives.

To get a tarot card reading, you will have to book an appointment with a healer or tarot card expert who specializes in the matter of health. Tarot cards can efficiently indicate mental as well as physical health problems.

If you are looking to prepare for your tarot card reading online appointment, here are some cards that your reader may come up with. This is to give you a head start for your session because tarot reading can quickly get overwhelming for first-timers.

1. The Devil

The devil card is for addictions and unhealthy attachments. It indicates attachment to a person or a substance in a negative way. The healer may ask you to get rid of the habit of someone who may be harming you physically or mentally. This card may also indicate what is subtle. As in, an addiction that you are yet to realize, or a person who is toxic to you, but you have not discovered yet.

2. Nine of Swords

This card is for mental illness, worry, and insomnia. The picture on this card shows a man sitting on his bed, with his hands on his head. This can indicate a mental issue or insomnia that has been disturbing you for quite some time now. It can also point towards a worry that may be coming your way soon.

3. Strength

The upright strength card is a sign of healing. The reverse of this card can point towards the worsening of a health condition. In the tarot world, the lion and women strongly suggest health-related issues. The lion is considered a patient.

4. The Empress

The Empress is a female health issue card. It points towards miscarriage or abortion. Some healers may also use it to indicate thyroid glands, pregnancies, vocal cords, and other issues related to the female reproductive system. It can also be used to deter the condition of pregnancies.

5. Star Card

An upright star is an indicator of hope and a bright future. It points towards the betterment of the current situation and end of problems in any aspect of your life. An inverted star, however, points towards hopelessness. It may pop in as a sign of a failed relationship or a failure in work or any other aspect.

6. Temperance

Temperance is also related to mental health issues. A reversed temperance points towards anxiety, depression, and other mental ailments. Your reader may ask you to get professional help to get over the infection and feel better at the earliest.

A tarot card reading can give you a more in-depth insight into your health issues. As already mentioned, the reason behind your ailment can come from this life or any other before this one, and a tarot card reader may be the best person to help you out.

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