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Stud Poker Solutions in the Online Deals

Remember, therefore, that you cannot play with more than eight players, because 7 x 8 = 56. If you run out of cards, instead of giving everyone a fifth street, you deal a community card that everyone else. world will use as such (its 5th card).

How to play 7-Card Stud

All dominoqq players receive two cards, dealt face down (hole cards) and one card dealt face up (open card). They pay the ante and then the cards are dealt one by one.

The player with the lowest open card must place a forced bet.

The betting round continues in a clockwise direction with the player seated to the left of the forced bet.

A seventh card is dealt face down. The action begins with the player with the best open cards and continues in a clockwise direction.

All players must achieve the best possible combination of 5 cards.


  • Hand simulation 7 Stud
  • Hand 7 Stud 2

Start of a 7-Stud hand online

  • The hand begins
  • A hand of 7 Card Stud on PS
  • The hand ends

Ranking of hands in 7-Stud

  • Straight flush (the best straight flush: ARDV-10 of the same suit)
  • Square (best square: AAAAR)
  • Full (the best full: AAARR)
  • Color (best color: any color with the ace)
  • Straight (best straight: ARDV-10)
  • Three of a kind (best of three: AAARD)
  • Double pair (best double pair: AARRD)
  • Pair (the best pair: AARDV)
  • No pair (best hand: ARDV-9)

The cards are dealt

The players each pay an "ante". All players then receive two cards face down (the "hole cards") and one card face up (the third street). Cards are dealt clockwise, one after the other. This hand is called the starting hand in poker online.

The first betting round

The player who has received the lowest visible card must begin the action by placing a forced bet (the "bring-in"). If two or more players have the same face up card, color becomes a determining factor. The lowest flush is Clubs, followed by Diamonds, then Hearts and Spades. This means that the 2 is the lowest possible open card.

Once the bring-in has been paid, the action continues in a clockwise direction. The player immediately to the left of the bring-in player has the choice of folding, calling or raising. A raise is the size of the expected opening bet depending on the game (see table below), and to call it is necessary to equalize the initial side bet (the bring-in).

Betting continues until all players who did not fold have contributed equally to the pot.

Example of 7-Stud betting patterns:

The second round of betting

The croupier deals a fourth card face up to all players still in play.In this round and all subsequent betting rounds, it is the turn of the player with the best apparent combination to act first.

The smallest bring-in is no longer used. If a player has a pair with his cards exposed, he has the option of placing a small bet or a large bet which is used in subsequent betting rounds. This option only exists for players who have a pair in their face up cards.


In a $ 5- $ 10 Seven Card Stud game. A player holds (XX) 8 and in the second betting round he draws another 8. He therefore has (XX) 8-8 on the table. He now has the choice to check, bet $ 5, or continue and bet $ 10.

The third betting round

  • The dealer deals a fifth card face up to all players who are still in play.
  • It is up to the player with the best hand to come first.
  • All bets are the size of a big bet.


7 Card Stud game at $ 5- $ 10

There are three players still in play in the hand. Player A holds (XX) 8-8-K, player B holds (XX) Q-2-Q and player C holds (XX) TJ-9. It is therefore up to player B to act first since it is he who has the best exposed hand (here a pair of queens). He can check or bet, then the action continues clockwise.

The bids run clockwise from the player who acted first, and until all remaining players have contributed to the pot at the same height.

The fourth betting round

  • The dealer deals a sixth card face up to all players who are still in play.
  • Again, the player with the best hand acts first.
  • All bets must be the size of the big bet.

Bids are made in a clockwise direction, starting with the player who acted first and ending after all players have contributed equally to the pot.

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