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How to Stay Healthy by Playing Ludo?
With Top 5 Tricks to Win the Game


Stress is a common phenomenon these days in every class of people. Isn't it? It doesn't matter whether you are a gigantic entrepreneur or a simple corporate professional; you can't avoid getting into stressed situations. The reasons could be anything from personal to professional and minor to major situations. So, when we can't avoid the tension, at least we can look for the solution. Now, the next question that might come up from your side is – how to get rid of the mental issues? An excellent solution to it is to play ludo online. Yes! By playing board games online, you can become healthy gradually. So, let's see – 

How ludo helps you in staying healthy?

1. Reduces the risk of mental diseases 

An incredible advantage you gain when you play ludo online is decreasing the chances of mental illness. Ludo can reduce the risk of cognitive issues associated with the mental process of knowledge acquisition and understanding through experience, thoughts, and senses. In short, you will have the most negligible chances to suffer from Alzheimer's and Dementia. Do you know why? It's because engaged minds mean you are exercising it to keep functioning, which builds it more robust than before. 

2. Helps in child health and brain development 

Another reason why children should play ludo online is that it helps in their brain development. This way, they can develop essential logic and reasoning skills and improve spatial reasoning and critical thinking. On top of that, their attention skills also grow, making them capable of focusing or concentrating on the same task for a long time. 

3. Decreases blood pressure

You might not be aware of this, but playing ludo frequently lowers your blood pressure and helps in maintaining it properly. It releases endorphins, lets the muscles relax, and aids blood to circulate, resulting in low blood pressure. Since high blood pressure is the primary cause of the increased risk of heart disease, artery damage, and stroke, it is always wise to play board games online to reduce your blood pressure. 

4. Improves immune system 

Do you know that the functioning of your immune system depends largely on your mental condition? If you go through some of the studies, you will understand that depression and pessimism affect your fighting ability with the disease to a great extent. Since ludo is almost a child's play, you have a higher chance to win this game whenever you play. It makes you feel positive and thus, improves your immune system. 

Now let's move onto the next topic, i.e., - 

What tricks can you apply to win the ludo game?

1. Play with waiting strategy 

There are instances when your pieces are in star-shaped positions, also called the "safe zone." In that case, if you don't get a good number on the dice, you may still want to move that token ahead and expose it to risks. Who knows, your opponents’ will get the exact number on the dice next time needed to beat your pieces; the chances are low they will miss that opportunity. So, it is a good idea to wait in such cases unless you are comfortable with your pieces getting sent back to your base home. 

2. Understand the rolling rules 

Do you know when you get double chances to roll the dice? If:

  1. You got a six on the dice 
  2. Your token reached the central triangle 
  3. You sent your rival's pieces back to square one 

So, when you get the second chance to roll the dice, ensure you use it with caution and after deep strategic thinking. 

3. Keep an eye on your opponent's piece

If you are curious to win the ludo game in the first attempt itself, you must strive to send your opponent's pieces back to the main home as soon as possible. Doing this will boost your chances of becoming a winner. 

4. Arrange your tokens wisely 

When playing ludo, you must try to arrange your tokens in a specific way that one piece keeps moving just behind another one. It will make sure if one of the players beats your first token, the second one can beat your rival's token. 

5. Avoid making spontaneous decisions 

It is always wise to think of all the possible moves you can execute based on the number you get by rolling the dice. Once you have 2-3 options in mind, pick the best one and move your pieces then. 

Do you know the reason behind this? Taking a spontaneous decision in such cases leads to regrets most of the time. 

Concluding note 

We hope you have learned the health benefits of playing ludo online and the tricks you can apply to become a winner in this game. So, if you want to implement the techniques mentioned above in ludo, download the ludo app from its official website and start playing the game now. 

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