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The Sports Leagues That Bookmakers
Bet on the Most Around the World

Sports Leagues

With the growing popularity of sports betting, many sports fans do not skip this type of entertainment. During the season, bettors around the world spend millions of euros betting on their favorite sport or league. That should not surprise us because sports and betting have a long history and they cannot do without each other.

Wherever you are, you have the option to place a bet on your favorite team or favorite sport. So don’t be surprised that the sports leagues we will mention in the text are the ones that bettors wager on the most.

Why Exactly These Sports Leagues?

The Gambling Act of 1960, which legalized sports betting in Great Britain, contributed to the expansion of betting on the most popular sports in the world. After that, those same sports became the sports that people bet on the most.

After the start of broadcasting football matches on television, the industry has progressed so much that it has become possible to bet on almost every league on the planet. This allowed us to bet online which has become the most common form of betting. Now, with the advent of handy payment methods, you can choose a bookmaker offering the one that suits you best for depositing and withdrawing winnings and based on which they differ one from another – so you have the top Dogecoin betting sites, top Skrill betting sites, etc. That is why we decided to compile a list of sports leagues that people bet on the most.

Do you want to make a profit when betting? If your answer is yes, then it is really time to get acquainted with popular sports leagues.

Premier League

Since football (soccer) is definitely one of the most popular sports, we will start first with the best European football leagues.

The English Premier League is often called the ‘richest’ and best football league in the world, and that has an impact on the betting options for it. When it comes to PL, you have the option to bet on all 380 games of the season that include different bets and odds. In addition to the standard types of sports bets, there are also unusual bets on transfers, hiring and firing coaches, etc. With this wide selection of bets, bettors are given the opportunity to enjoy their favorite activity, but also to earn some money.


When we talk about which sports leagues bettors wager on the most, we cannot leave out the Bundesliga. The German championship is another great option for punters looking for excitement. Although Bayern Munich has dominated this league for several years, the race for points is often uncertain until the very end of the season. Bettors need, with a little luck, to back up the right team and get closer to winning.

Given that the Bundesliga is the football league that has the highest average attendance per game, you should not be surprised that it is at the top of the list of sports leagues that bookmakers bet on the most.

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is one of the most popular football leagues in the world, which aims to crown the European champion in this sport. Not only is this elite competition on the Old Continent significant for its reputation, but it is also one of the world’s most prestigious football events.

All major bookmakers offer their customers special offers and good odds on CL. It is the diverse offer that greatly contributes to making betting in this league even more interesting and exciting. If you have often wondered which sports leagues the bookmakers bet on the most, know that the UEFA Champions League is one of them.

Serie A

Another favorite among bettors is the Italian Serie A. This league brings an action-packed game as leading European football teams, such as Inter and Juventus, fight each other. Although this league is not as competitive as the Premier League or the Champions League, it offers spectators rather intense matches, giving bettors the opportunity to use their knowledge in action.

The unpredictability of Serie A makes betting on it even more fun and exciting, and we must not forget to mention the fact that Serie A was one of the best football leagues in the world about 10 years ago, but after the match-fixing scandal in 2006, its popularity has plummeted.

La Liga

Similar to the English Premier League, La Liga draws a lot of public attention. In this league, Real Madrid has a record of 34 titles, and Barcelona is second with 26 championship titles won. The latter has especially dominated the last decade, winning four titles in the last seven seasons.

The Spanish elite competition is the only league that can measure up with the Premier League in terms of popularity and quality of the game. That is why it is one of the sports leagues that bettors wager on the most.

Now that we have covered the football leagues that people bet on the most, it is time to find out what are other sports leagues that punters like...


The alpha and omega of all basketball leagues, the NBA is the best league for betting thanks to its dynamic games and the huge popularity that stems from the fact that there is a really incredible amount of money circulating around. Bettors are eagerly awaiting the start of the same as there are a total of 30 teams to bet on.

The NBA has a long playoff system compared to other basketball leagues, lasting a month or so, and bringing basketball aficionados 82 games where they can place their bets. So, bettors are not running out of options when it comes to the NBA.


Given that the NFL is the most popular professional sports competition in the United States, you should not be surprised that it is also one of the leagues that bettors wager on the most.

For a long time, American football was played on an amateur level, however, at the moment when the first professional league was founded, its popularity took an upward trajectory that has not been interrupted to this day. We believe that the data from 2019, which was published by the American Gambling Association, says it all. Namely, 38 million adult Americans (15% of the country’s adult population) bet on NFL matches.

As you can see for yourself, the sports leagues that bettors wager on the most offer really many opportunities. That is why they are favorites in the bettors’ world. There are many sports leagues in the world to choose from. It is up to you to decide on the sport or team to bet on and choose the odds that offer you the most opportunities.

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