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Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame Inductees

The requirements and skills needed to become a sports broadcaster are numerous. This article provides an overview of the career outlook and the requirements. It also includes Hall of Fame inductees. If you have a passion for sports, you might want to pursue a career in sports broadcasting. But how can you become one? If you have a knack for gab and are good at writing, you might be able to make your dreams a reality.

Skills needed

In order to land a job in the sports broadcasting industry, you must possess a number of different skills. In addition to a degree in journalism, you should have a good command of communication skills, which will come in handy when you interview athletes. The broadcasting industry requires well-rounded candidates with excellent interpersonal skills and excellent written communication skills. The skills required to work in this industry may vary depending on the field. Listed below are the skills needed by top companies.

In addition to excellent communication skills, sports broadcasters must have good interpersonal skills. They should also understand the technical side of broadcasting. As a sports announcer, you'll need to have a good grasp of video and audio editing. You might even have to create video snippets of an event to be broadcasted. For example, in radio broadcasting, you need to know how to operate broadcasting equipment.

Career outlook

Despite the poor job outlook for the field of sports broadcasting, there is still hope for aspiring broadcasters. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of sports announcers is expected to grow 1% between 2016 and 2026. Although few new television and radio stations will enter the market, most job openings will be created as existing sportscasters leave the field. Unlike other fields that are impacted by economic recessions, this one is not subject to such drastic changes.

To enter the field of sports broadcasting, candidates should have a bachelor's degree in a related field. Some colleges offer specific sports broadcasting majors. During this degree program, broadcasters will study sports history and media production, as well as media marketing and station operations. In addition to this, broadcasters must also have a professional speaking voice and maintain a certain physical appearance. In addition to a bachelor's degree, broadcasters must have at least a few years of experience broadcasting sports events.


While the industry has always been competitive, recent advances in live streaming and social media have opened up exciting opportunities. In addition to good communication skills, candidates must have a knack for sports and be comfortable reading from a teleprompter and improvising. Listed below are the most important qualifications for sports broadcasters. They must have a passion for the sport they broadcast and a love of writing. A bachelor's degree or master's degree in journalism is required. As a student, you will learn all aspects of reporting, writing, and editing. Your program may even require you to complete a short broadcasting project.

A bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism or sports communication is essential to get a job in the field. In addition to studying the business, ethics, and social role of athletics, students also learn about the sports industry. Students studying for a bachelor's degree will benefit from formal training in the latest broadcast technologies. In addition to formal education, students will be exposed to internships and work experience in the field. However, an internship is not a necessary prerequisite for employment.

Hall of fame inductees

The Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame honors the legendary members of the industry and recognizes a diverse group of professions that have shaped the sport's landscape. The class of 2020 includes Charles Barkley, James Brown, Fred Gaudelli, Phyllis George and Tom Sahara, who have all made their mark in sports broadcasting. Here are some notable members of the 2020 class.

The 2017 class of inductees in the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame includes Chris Berman, the original ESPNer and the voice of the network for nearly three decades. Stan Honey, who co-founded Sportvision, has been the driving force behind several innovations in sports broadcasting. The Hall of Fame inductees also include Neil Nelkin and Rick Alloway, both of whom are prominent university faculty members and sports broadcasting professionals.

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