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The Spiritual Belief in Luck

belief in luck

Luck, was it luck that helped you to find this page online? With over 30,000,000,000,000 pages on the internet, this is where you arrive at right now? Well, it was most certainly not luck, but a case of chance that you happened to stumble across this page. However, should our advice lead to good fortune merit that luck played a role? Is luck only reserved for good and bad outcomes after the event?

In this brief guide, we will be looking at the role luck plays in all our lives, that’s if luck is even a thing. We will look into everyday events, general habits and risk that comes with everyday living, which may help us to know if lady luck is on our side every step of the way.

Influences on people

As a general rule of living, we wake up, get ready for the day, go to work, eat, head home, enjoy a relaxing evening to then head to bed before we repeat this process. This is pretty average for people within 5 days of the week.

So, we wake up, if we’re lucky to wake up. Many people do pass away in their sleep. Do we get up to go to work? Well, those that are lucky to have a job do. But are those not needing to work lucky as well? This continues throughout the day and with each step should we be counting our blessings that we are lucky to make it through this general rule of living?

So how is it that so many of us are able to get from A to B? Well, repetition counts for something, we get the sleep that’s required to have the energy for the day ahead. Our survival is based on having an income, so we are already hardwired to earn a wage, getting to that place of work is the same, we take the routes we know, that are safest and quickest where possible. We earn the money to eat the food we have at lunch and at the end of the day, we make it home safe to then relax and recharge before the cycle repeats itself.

It is more a force of habit than a force of guided divinity or other spiritual power. So, the argument lies within the question of why unlucky things happen to people that stick to their own unique force of habits?

Habits of a lifetime

Cause and effect. If peoples’ habits change what can this bring about? There is no doubt that two people can cross paths, some lead to a loving connection and in some cases, there is tragedy? Change of habit does provoke a response to the world around us, the simple case and point is dieting. Should a person lose weight, they feel better, attract newer attention, and generally do things they may have once avoided or at least set a new force of habit that can lead to people coming together for the first time and falling in love. Was this luck or the result of changing habits?

External influence and Belief

If we are content within our own bubble of living, then how is it that external forces seem to invoke changes to one’s life that were not asked of or pursued? As we are not able to influence the change of other people’s fortune unless it is under the intention to do so, things will run their course. Should luck play a role in your general habits, then was it intentional?

If you inherit a fortune and become rich, many will not say this was luck, perhaps bad fortune in that you must mourn the loss of someone and by chance, they left you an inheritance. It was their own force of nature in life that allowed them to be in a position to leave wealth to loved ones, but very likely not luck or bad-luck in playing a part in the person’s demise.

Can we control luck? Can we jump the queue that is life’s long habits and collect the outcome of our actions? A simple example of this is winning the lottery. Was winning luck? Well, many of those that do gamble do have the inherent belief that they will win, and their time will come. Some may feel overly confident to a level that they see themselves as having more right to win than others.

To understand more of the mindset like this, we spoke with Sabrina Kumar of, a site that presents the top licensed casinos in India and offers Indian players exclusive bonuses.

“Gambling is a paradox. We play games that are by rights risky to play because the house will always win, and when there is a form of success, it’s very limited. More players will lose than win, yet there are millions of players around the world and here in India that come online every day to play games like slots, teen patti, blackjack and roulette. Players can have not only strange minds but habits also. Before gaming was online and having to play inside land casinos, you would see people wearing the same clothes or something that was a form of superstitious garment. Players will only play on certain days and will only play certain games. Superstition has a role in gambling, and this leads to the self-worth idea that what they are doing is right, and because no-one else is doing it, they will have a better chance of winning. It’s a shame they cannot see that winning is 100% luck.”

Making luck

So, even those in the industry of gambling say that it’s all about luck, but what is that? Well, it isn’t luck that determines the winner, it surely is the construct of the game. Its chance, being in the right place at the right time. Gambling itself is not the outcome, the process is a habit, rolling with the game’s punches and successes.

A player landing in a situation that requires addictions treatment is not a result of having no luck, it is a result of the actions they took to lead them in a dire situation of dependency towards gambling. Can they make their luck happen? Perhaps. But we have to understand that luck is nothing more than the outcome.

Let’s look at fishing, there are many lakes and rivers, habitats where to fish and make a catch. Does the place where you fish matter or will it be down to luck as to whether or not you will make a catch regardless? Well, if we consider luck in the definition of a positive outcome, then your chances are greatly increased by studying the watery habitants and the fish, prior to engaging in the hobby. Now, despite all the best will in the world to know the right fishing hole, what is the guarantee you will succeed. Was making a catch through luck or through refined knowledge?

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