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Slots That Raised Controversy on Their Release

We all play slots because they are fun and enjoyable but some slots don’t live up to what players expect. Unfortunately there are even some slots which manage to cause controversy upon their release, an impressive achievement considering how inoffensive online slots UK are. Below are some of the most controversial slots that have ever been released.

The Dark Knight 

Based on the hit 2008 film starring Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger, Dark Knight was a popular slot even producing a winner! One lucky player walked away with over 10 million dollars, this is one of the biggest slot payouts in history. Unfortunately, this game was plagued with legal battles as it was not actually a licensed product of the film. After some lengthy legal proceeding this game was discontinued, doomed to live on in infamy.

Space Diggers 

This slot came with the promise of new technology, something called a game modifier. Unfortunately it was soon found out that this game modifier wasn’t all that exciting as it allowed online casino sites to change the RTP of their games. Player response was not kind and soon developer Playtech were dragged into the controversy.

Rocket Men 

We go from the controversial to the straight up offensive with these next two slots. The first is called Rocket Men, it is not a play on Elton John’s hit single ‘Rocket Man’ but instead based off of two of the most unpopular people on the planet, Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump. This slot was based off of the disagreements between the two world leaders, with its theme containing some very controversial imagery. Developed by Red Tiger Gaming, this game is still available to play if you are intrigued but be warned this is a very offensive game. There are bonuses which feature a slew of nuclear bombs exploding. Making light of a possible nuclear war between two of the most disliked world leaders was not the best choice for a games theme.


Perhaps the most controversial slot that features on this list, Betsense released a slot that featured some of the most famous dictators throughout history. It is a strange choice for a slot theme and I have no idea what target audience they were hoping to appeal to with it. It features dictators such as Stalin, Gaddafi, Saddam Hussien, Kim Jong Un, Napoleon and even Hitler. If that wasn’t offensive enough, at the end of the first round you pick a dictator to execute while in the second round you encounter North Korea covered in missiles and you must pick the correct missile to proceed! The slot uses darker colours like black and browns which gives it an uneasy and ominous feel which alongside the images of some of the most unpopular men in history makes the slot an uncomfortable play.


These are some of the most controversial and just plain offensive slots that have even been released. All these slots are still available to play with Dark Knight being the sole exception but please take our word for the controversy surrounding the slots and don’t seek them out.

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