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Shortlisted Slot Games of the Year

As each year draws to a close, many players choose to look back at the previous slot releases of the year. The opportunity to recognise the slots which have been popular, innovative or just down right good is something that many players do. There are often shortlists of slot games of the year which remind players of some of the best slot games over the past twelve months.

These types of lists aren’t just for players either, developers will often check to see if their game has made it onto a list. There is no better reward for hard work than being recognised by colleagues and acquaintances - join and spin.

What Makes a Slot Game of the Year? 

There are many factors that come into making the decision as to whether to include a slot on a game of the year list. There are things such as popularity, playability, innovation, design, bonus features and payout percentage that must all be considered. For example there may have been a slot which had some of the most innovative gameplay features ever seen but it may also have been incredibly unpopular with players, this means that it would miss out on the list. With every game of the year list, there are going to be slot games missing that some players feel were worthy of making it onto the list. The following list will not be exhaustive but contain a small sample of the shortlisted slot games of the year. 

Shortlisted Slots for Game of the Year 

Below are some of the shortlisted slots for game of the year, they were nominated based on things such as popularity, gameplay, innovation and design. The list is not exhaustive and may even have a few surprises on it.

Fortune Coin 

Developed by IGT, this slot has already picked up a few awards. Fortune Coin has an amazing theme which is stunning to look at, leaning heavily into Asian culture. The visuals aren’t the only aspect of this slot which players love, Fortune Coin has over two hundred possible paylines. Adding in the amazing RTP of 96%, Fortune Coin is one of the most memorable releases of the year.

Christmas Carol Megaways 

Developed by Pragmatic Play, this slot was released quite late into the year, players could experience it in late November onwards. Despite this, it manages to leave quite the impression. Using the all too familiar Megaways Engine, this slot manages to combine slot gaming with the classic tale by Charles Dickens of Christmases past, present and future. This timeless tale seamlessly fits into the slot game, with familiar characters such as Scrooge adorning the reels while players reep the rewards of their latest free spins bonus.

Final Thoughts 

The old saying for celebrity awards season that you will often hear is that it is an honour just to be nominated. While the rich and famous might not be entirely sincere when saying that, slot developers the world over really mean that statement. Not only does this recognise the tireless work that they have put into creating a fun game but it also helps to raise the overall profile of the developers. While players might not hold end of the year lists in such esteem as other industries, there is no denying the influence that they have.

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