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Self-Help for Gambling Problems

Are you preoccupied with gambling? Have you developed the addiction? In case you don’t know where to start and how to treat this addiction, here we are to help you.

How to stop gambling for good

Excessive gambling is known for causing depression and anxiety. Gambling itself, is considered to be a mental health issue and even has multiple scientific names. Compulsive or pathological gamblers are the terms, applied to those, who don’t know how and when to stop gambling, and show all the signs of addiction.

People turn to gambling mostly when they are bored. So, it is highly important to plan your day ahead, even your free time. Like this, it is easier to avoid boredom, since you already have your day scheduled. In case you get some extra free time, read an interesting book or meet your friends.

If you feel like withdrawing from gambling right now would be too much for you, set a timer for every time you play. Automatic gambling timer available of some online casinos such as Joker123 casino. While treating your addiction make sure that you are not going beyond the marked limits. Start with 30 minutes a day, then consider cutting the time down.

Try something new. Do you have a hobby or do you think of gambling as your hobby? Bring something new into your life. You may ask your friends what they like and share their hobbies or find something individually. It should be exciting enough to turn your attention from an addictive activity.

Dealing with gambling cravings

Every time you want to play, remind yourself that there is a real issue you’re fighting with. You should always be aware of the fact that addiction won’t simply pass you by if you keep on fueling it.

Apart from doing what was mentioned in previous paragraphs, socialize more. Being around friends and family can positively affect your mood and distract you from gambling. And you can also switch to watching sports and placing some small bets on your favorite team via Sbobet.

Gambling addiction treatment

Sometimes it gets hard fighting on your own. Everyone has their ups and downs when it comes to treatment. If you feel like you can’t do this on your own anymore, ask a psychologist for help. Remember, there is nothing wrong with turning to a specialist when you need help.

Since gambling addiction is becoming more and more common among players, many psychologists and centers have taken on the advantage to help those, who struggle.

How to help someone stop gambling

Sometimes it’s harder to help others, because you don’t know their perception of a problem. In fact, help this person understand that gambling is not for good. The money, spent gambling, could be redirected to other much more pleasing purposes.

Even if they seem sure that they win more than they lose, make it clear that it’s not the way gambling was created to work. The main purpose of gambling games and casinos, both online and offline, is to bring money to the owners. So, it’s very unlikely that the wins are going to be endless.

Last but not least, give that person your attention and help to overcome their issue.

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