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During the pandemic, we've noticed one thing that brought every family closer, that was games. Be it virtual games like ludo or physical games like dumb charades. Everyone enjoyed having a little fun playing such games. Although, the game that was played the most by families was care games. Card games ranging from Poker to Uno to Blackjack and Go Fish. But what's the one game you think is the most enjoyed game everywhere on earth? Yeah, you guessed it right! It is Rummy. Like any other sport Rummy too has its Fantasy Game.


Rummy online is another card game as famous as Poker, that's been around since the 19th Century. The game's principle came from a Chinese card game, however, it originated in the United States. In Rummy, the number of cards dealt is inversely proportional to the number of players, playing the game. It requires a minimum of 2 players and is a short game of about 15 minutes. It is a matching 13 Card Rummy card game, that requires players to either have a set of 3 or 4 cards of the same rank, called a meld, or make a sequence of 3 cards of the same suit, called runs. When the show of cards happens, the player with the higher rank of cards wins the game.


Rummy is a part of Fantasy Sports. Fantasy Sports are where people come along with friends to compete against each other via the virtual teams they've created. The virtual team consists of actual players and gets points based on how those players play. The same goes with Rummy. Rummy consists of players that play Rummy competitions in real-time. They too get points based on the wins that player has and the person with the highest number of points at the end of that particular match or a whole season of the competition wins the Rummy. This person is also awarded a cash prize. Some of the apps and websites to play Rummy require a certain amount of payment to begin the game. Without money, you may be able to play friendly matches amongst friends but not win any sort of prize in the end. However, throughout the long seasons of Rummy, the cash prize at the end is what keeps Rummy lovers to continue. Some of the apps to play Rummy are India Fantasy, WinZo, Rummy, and more.


Fantasy Sports have reached such a large audience since their origin. And now have physical as well as mental sports as a part of it. Rummy does involve money but isn't necessarily a gambling sport. Its players are far and wide and all of us enjoy playing this game. Now that we can't play it offline with our friends, stick to the online measures and play Rummy all day long!

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