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Rise of Social Casinos

Playing casino games without making a profit might sound like a pointless activity to some. However, social casinos have never been more popular. Why? Well, people enjoy the fact that they do not have to pay anything to spin the reels on their favorite slot or wait for a royal flush.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the internet is filled with social casinos, as more players care about the thrill of playing and social engagement than about the chance to drain their finances. If you’re interested in switching from the traditional land-based casinos to something more carefree, stick around to learn why social casinos are the next big thing.

Playing for Fun

Playing online casino games dates back to the ‘90s, so it isn’t necessarily a new online activity. But the thing is — it has never been free. For that reason, the social part of playing casino games has always been overshadowed by the fear of losing money. People used to consider it a risky activity until the emergence of social casinos. 

Before the social casinos we know and love today came to the scene, social media provided a sanctuary for players who did not want to invest in their favorite pastimes. These websites turned out to be a great alternative for anyone who wanted to build a connection with cards without spending money.

Most people discovered their passion for casino games through Facebook and games like Hit It Rich and DoubleDown Casino Vegas Slots. However, over time, online social casinos started to emerge on their own, and players gained access to more diverse gaming portfolios. As a result, they did not have to use any social media platforms to get to these games. 

Since playing social casino games turned out to be so relaxing and stress-relieving, operators started producing more mobile-friendly platforms. So, sites and apps like House of Fun: free casino slots & casino games became extremely popular over a short time. Nowadays, players access social casino games mostly through their smartphones and tablets, thus providing a quick path to entertainment. 

Why Social Casinos Trump Real Casinos?

Comparing social casinos to real casinos is difficult. The former don’t provide any incentives, while the latter do. And since that is the main difference between the two, many would give an advantage to real casinos where you can earn money. However, the social factor is just as crucial — if not even more so.

Social casinos provide hours of endless fun, allowing players to enjoy games like Poker Heat without expecting anything from them in return. Users can fully take advantage of the social factor and communicate with other players, making friends worldwide without competing.

On the other hand, real casinos — both online and land-based — provide the winning factor and require a lot from the players themselves. Although that mostly includes monetary funds, things like patience and good sense come into play as well.

So, it is not surprising that social casinos are on the rise, as more players want to focus on the entertaining factor without thinking about losing money.

Are There Any Hidden Costs of Social Casinos?

Playing in online casinos for real money is not legal in many countries worldwide. On the other hand, playing free social games is in a legally gray zone, so many operators take advantage of that. That is one of the reasons why the casino industry has been booming, as you can read here.

What’s more, social gaming is kind of a modern phenomenon. Even though the games these casinos offer are based on the ones whose main goal is to collect money, they contradict them in almost every way. And since social casinos do not take money from players, you must be wondering if there are any hidden costs when playing there. But don’t worry, you won’t come across any hidden fees.

However, you must be wondering how these casinos make money. The answer is, most of their profit comes from ads and in-game purchases. So, social gaming is free, and it’s completely up to you whether you want to spend any money to buy additional game enhancements.

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