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How Effective Are Betting Site
Responsible Gambling Tools?


Many online gambling site regulators have finally woken up to the fact that some people do get addicted to gambling when they set about doing so online, you will start to see more and more initiatives being launched to help those that do have such problems.

One regulator that have always had concerns for those that do start to experience gambling problems is the UK Gambling Commission, and they have recently rolled out a range of different initiatives that all of their license holders must have in place on their respective betting and gambling sites and additionally on their gambling and betting apps too.

As such nowadays when gabling at any sites or on any app licensed by that regulator when you log into your account you will first be prompted to set a deposit limit for that session or for any number of consecutive days, so do consider doing just that.

The GamStop self-exclusion service that has been started up to ensure that everybody who has one or more accounts at any UK licensed gambling site is able to self-exclude themselves from every single one of those sites in a fast and efficient way. That being said, you need to know that there are still many non GamStop betting sites available online where you can still play.

Also, if you want to you can now get your account temporarily locked by taking the take a break option, and that is something many customers of those sites choose to take when they feel they are gambling too much, or when those customers have had a big win and do not want to run the risk of losing those winnings back.

Onscreen reminders are also flash up on betting and gambling site customers screen frequently too, reminding them of just how long they have been logged into their accounts for and how much they have won and lost as well.

GamStop Proven to Help Anyone Give Up Gambling Online

Lots of different organisation exists with the sole aim of helping everybody that reaches out to them to stop gambling, and if that is something you want to do, give up gambling then I will now take a look at the above mentioned GamStop scheme and explain in details how it works.

Once you add your details onto the GamStop register, which is completely free of charge to do by the way, you are then going to have your details shared with all UK license gambling site operators including casino, bingo poker and betting site operators licensed there.

Those operators then have no option but to immediately close down your accounts and not permit you to gamble at their respective sites at any time in the future and will not allow you to open another account with them moving forward either, so that is certainly a service you should sign up to today and one I am always happy to recommend to anyone too.

Is GamStop Used by Non UK Based Betting Sites?

One question that I am sure you will be seeking the answer to, if you are thinking about making use of the GamStop service, is whether all worldwide betting sites are part of that scheme and if those non UK licensed betting sites will also block your accounts and deny you the option of being able to register as a new customer too.

Sadly, the answer to that question is no they are not, for non GamStop betting sites are high in number in fact any betting site no licensed by the UK Gambling Commission is not going to know you are on that self-exclusion register and as such will allow you to register as one of their new customers.

Many people that are despite to give up gambling and have put their names down on the GamStop register have found at some point in time they do get the urge to place sports bets and wagers online, and simply sign up to sportsbooks and betting sites located in other parts of the world, which is simple to do online of course.

If you are eager to remove that as an option, then look around for something known as a gambling site blocker too, for by simply downloading that tool and installing it on your smart phone or computer for example when you then try and log onto any gambling websites such as a betting site the blocker blocks your access to that site, so you will never be able to make use of the betting services offered by such a site as you cannot access any of them.

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