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Responsible Gambling: How to
Avoid Gambling Addiction

Responsible gambling can be viewed from different angles. On the one side, there are casino operators, which are responsible for the provision of gambling services. On the other hand, it is the conscious and responsible behaviour of gamblers. At the moment, the authorities licensing online casinos in Curacao and other dedicated regions rightly require operators to comply with the Responsible Gambling policy. This requirement is primarily associated with the established legal regulation of the business and adherence to the principles of responsible gambling.

What a Casino Should Do?

When it comes to responsible gambling principles that all casinos should stick to, the following are of primary importance:

  • Informing players about the nature of gambling as an entertainment associated with certain risks and not as a way to generate income;
  • Encouraging gamblers to stake within reasonable limits;
  • Providing sufficient information about the game so that players can assess the risk of participating in them.

In addition to general and rather vague principles that are usually outlined in the “Responsible Gambling” section on casino websites, one of the most effective solutions is to establish mechanisms for limiting excessive gambling and ensuring the player's self-exclusion from the online casino platform. 

Imposing a ban on account recovery is another solution for combatting gambling addiction. Unfortunately, this tool can only work effectively if this prohibition is extended to the maximum possible number of platforms with similar games. As a standard, online casino operators are invited to enable several levels of player “disconnection” from the game. It can be a short break, temporary self-exclusion, or permanent account deletion.

It is also possible to limit the amount of money that a player can spend in an online casino or the time that a player spends on a gambling website. Professional online casinos from the CasinoLuck ratings and top lists offer options for limiting funds, blocking a card, and providing information on resources to help people with gambling addiction. In addition, there are also independent platforms and services that a player can use to self-exclude from particular online casino sites.

What a Gambler Should Do?

Of course, it is important that online casinos take care of their customers. But it is also imperative that players control their gambling behaviour. And the below recommendations will come to the rescue.

#1 - Select the Right Gambling Games

It is always useful to browse the full collection of casino games on the online casino website page. Most online casinos nowadays have a variety of games available in one place. The world's top online gambling providers have their own exclusive games available at most online casinos. In addition, trying newly released games is what makes gambling even more interesting since the latest generation of gambling offers more and more opportunities to win.

#2 - Check Game RTP

High rollers and gamblers who play with high stakes are looking for the games with the highest payouts. And it is a return to player that plays a big role in determining your victory. It definitely makes sense to play games with a higher RTP ratio because they return a larger percentage of the deposited funds to a player. For example, if a return to player percentage is 97%, then for every $100 spent, $97 will be returned to your account. Most online casino sites publish the RTP percentage on the site, and players can check it online.

#3 - Choose Secure Casinos

It is always best when you play calmly without worrying about the security of the site. Today, most of the well-known online casino sites are registered and have one or more licenses. This allows you to enjoy the gaming experience and be confident that a casino is safe and secure. When online games are checked by specialized and independent auditing laboratories, such as eCOGRA, iTech Labs, TST, it increases the security of this online casino. 

#4 - Control Your Bankroll

Smart bankroll management is a very important factor when playing at online casinos. Knowing how to manage your bankroll is one of the skills that will ensure that you do not spend more than you have in your bank account. It also ensures that you always have some money left over. This way of controlling online gambling is very smart and helps you make sure you don't leave the game with an empty pocket. 

#5 - Check Promotions

Any gambler is eager to get great bonuses from online casinos. But what are these bonuses in reality? Sometimes a big casino bonus may look too good to be true, which in reality could be a sign that either it requires a large deposit or there are some conditions associated with it. This is why it is advisable to do some math before choosing a bonus package because not all of them are great for you.

#6 - Avoid Making Side Bets

Side bets allow you to stake on the possible outcome of the game when you play certain table games, such as poker or blackjack. It is advisable not to worry about them because a casino has a greater advantage in such cases. Instead of side bets, it's always best to invest all your money on the main bet. Thus, you will have more chances to win the game.

#7 - Strike a Balance Between Wanting to Win & Having Fun

It is true that gambling is fun and exciting. It is also true that people want to win as many cash prizes as possible. Finding a balance between the two is the key to gambling success. By finding this “sweet spot,” a player will be able to truly have fun and will not leave an online gambling establishment with an empty pocket.

Enjoy a Safe Game

Professional online casinos take care of their players and make every effort to ensure that the gaming process brings users positive emotions and fun. Besides that, they help gamblers to prevent the development of gambling addiction in time. At the same time, it is important that you manage your gambling addiction in the most effective way and follow the above recommendations.

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