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The Real-Life Psychology That Poker Can Teach You

Think that a game of poker requires you to sit down and read the smallest of signs about an opponent? Unfortunately things don’t work quite like that here. However, there are a few things that you can learn about real-life psychology from poker. Keep reading to find out more.

Poker Can Teach You

The Differences Between Men and Women

Men still outnumber women at the poker tables, there is no denying it. However, there are some female players that have been able to make their mark in the world of poker, and often manage to walk away with some pretty impressive jackpots. Why, might you ask? It can often come down to the simple fact that women are often better at reading cues.

Many men decide that they are going to walk into the casino room as if they own it and they are going to win. You can tell that from the way that they play – it is why so many poker players have been caught having tantrums when something doesn’t quite go their way at the felt.

Women are definitely not excluded from this, but you do see them having a very different approach at the tables. They are often able to read much more subtle cues than you can see from men. This can lead to female poker players making very different calls from men. They are often described as “aggressive” in their playstyles, but this can simply be because they are more willing to make the plays that you simply don’t see from other players.

How to Deal with Failure

How good are you at dealing with failure? For many people, strength is found not in how they succeed but in how they manage to cope when things go wrong. This philosophy can be applied all across their lives, but many do not know how to best apply it. Rather than confront their failure, they try to run away from it. They think more in terms of “why did this happen to me”, rather than “how can I turn this around”.

Poker forces you to think differently. You either win or you lose. You could be playing with nothing, just a few friendly hands between pals, or you could be playing for thousands of dollars in a tournament setting. Players need to be on their game at all times. It does not matter whether you have decided to try out the newest live casinos or head to your local poker room, there is a very real chance that you are not going to win.

If you want to improve as a player, you are going to need to confront your failures and work out where you have gone wrong. This can be an excellent exercise that you can take beyond poker and into other areas of your life too.

Thinking Logically

Learning how to think and approach a situation logically is not something that everyone can do. There are many people out there who need to retrain their brain using psychological techniques if they want to see the results that they initially envisioned when they play poker. Being able to approach a task logically is one that many want to be able to do, but equally the ability to think laterally is also a valuable asset when playing any kind of casino table game.

Each hand of poker has to be thought about differently. You need to be able to focus on what is happening in that moment, without dwelling too much on any distractions or mistakes from previous hands.

At its heart, poker is a game of luck and maths. Depending on the cards that you are dealt, and those in the community set, you need to be able to work out the likelihood that you will win the hand. This also requires you to try to work out what the other players could have. It forces you to think carefully and logically – something we don’t really see in other games too often. Following this style of thinking frequently could help you to break down situations more carefully, hopefully emerging on the other side with success.

Poker is a nuanced game that can teach you a lot about psychology if you are willing to learn. While you could just focus on the game itself, taking the time to master the psychological aspects could give you a much deeper understanding of the game as a whole. This, in turn, could help you to apply psychology to your everyday life in a way you might never have imagined.

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