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Can a Psychic Help Me Win the Lottery?

I once heard a host of a popular radio show play a cruel but amusing prank on a psychic. He called asking about a winning lottery ticket he claimed to have lost. He knew he had it somewhere in his home but had somehow misplaced it. The psychic told him where he would find it. A minute later, he could be heard whooping for joy, before coming back on the line and pretending he had not found anything. Of course, this so-called psychic wanted a share of the prize money and made an absolute fool of herself.

People like these, who call themselves psychics, give the profession a bad name. They make it seem like a psychic is supposed to have magical powers that tell them the answers to just about any question. Their skills can easily be disproven, and regularly are.

This perception of psychics leads to the idea that a psychic can help you win the lottery. You may be tempted to ask for the winning numbers. But the obvious retort is that if they truly could give you the winning numbers, why have they not used their powers to win it for themselves?

Good psychics will quickly disillusion you of this possibility. Only con artists who have no real idea of what a psychic is supposed to do will pretend to try and help you in this way. Winning the lottery is only one example of a common misconception of the role of a psychic.

With the possibility of getting psychic readings online, this mistake is leading many to waste their own time and that of the psychic. To ensure you are well-prepared as to what to expect from a psychic, here is what you need to know about the common misconception of psychic abilities.

Psychics are human magic 8-balls

People assume that a psychic should be ready to answer any question posed to them, as if they are some sort of human magic 8-ball. If this is what you want from a psychic, you are wasting your time. Rather, psychics are able to read people, interpreting their psychic energies and giving them a sense of the best direction their lives can take.

Yes, a good psychic will have some insight into things that you have not told them along with events that are yet to happen. But their job is not to wow you with this information. They are not there to put on a show. On the contrary, they work to help you take better control of your own destiny, preparing you for what is coming.

Psychics can read your mind

Another misconception is that a psychic should be able to tell you what you are thinking. This is another example of the perception of psychics as people who are there only to entertain. Psychics do not need to tell you what you are thinking – you already have that information. Rather, they are there to help you change your thinking, creating better thought patterns and habits. This makes you better-prepared to make decisions rationally, without unfounded fears or expectations.

A session with a psychic is therefore similar to a counseling session. You will gain insight into yourself instead of being strung along with fake mysticism.

Psychics use magic

The obsession with mysticism that many people assume constitutes psychic powers leads people to go in search of magic shows. They want to see psychics say magic spells, drawing unspoken truths out of thin air.

However, psychics are not magicians. They do not use magic, but rather draw on very down-to-earth energies that are always present. They are no different to you or me, but rather have honed the skills to attune themselves to these energies. There is a natural talent that attracts them to psychic training, but it takes work and preparation.

Seeing a psychic is not like going to see a magic show. They will not give you winning lottery numbers or tell you what you ate for lunch. They will, however, give you more insight into yourself, helping you to get a better grip on what is happening in your life.

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