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Pros and Cons of Non-GamStop Casinos in the UK

Non-GamStop Casinos


The popularity of Gaming and Entertainment on the Internet

Websites in Entertainment and Games are firmly in 10th and 11th place, respectively, in the ranking of most visited websites worldwide. Thus, according to

  • Websites in the field of "Entertainment" are visited by 40.5% of all Internet users
  • Websites in the field of "Games" - 34.8%

What restricts players?

However, there are different needs for privacy or complete freedom of play.

For example, you are a wealthy player who spends £2,000 to £3,000 a day playing, but you wouldn't want to advertise your spending, let alone report on the origins of your funds. And as you know, the UKGC's new White Paper will force the disclosure of all the details of a player who has spent over £2k in a year.

So more and more players are looking for reputable UK casinos not on Gamstop.

What are the advantages of Non-GamStop casinos?

Let's list the main ones:

  1. Simple and fast registration. Regular casino registration takes 1-2 days due to strict verification procedures. Not on Gamstop casino will register you in a couple of minutes.
  2. No restrictions. You can make any bets, deposit any amount of money and withdraw without any restrictions.
  3. Privacy. Non-Gamstop casinos are entirely confidential, and your details will not be shown to any regulatory agency. Just you and the game.
  4. A more comprehensive range of games, contests, and possible winnings. In a world without limits, the player becomes the King of the club.
  5. More generous bonuses.

But... there are always downsides

Yes, that's what analyses like this are for, to identify both the pros and cons of the offshore casino issue.

  • They may not support GBP currency. As a rule, there is always the Euro currency.
  • Another known disadvantage may be slower customer support.

Based on personal experience, as well as rating on, we can recommend non-gamstop casinos:

  • Fortune Clock Casino
  • PH Casino
  • All Wins Casino
  • Harry's Casino
  • Rufus Casino

Caution at non-gamstop casinos

Follow some simple precautions at non-gamstop casinos to ensure you don't take unnecessary risks.

Firstly, you need to check whether you are a licensed casino owner. Yes, you are correct, non-gamstop clubs also have a license. These are usually Curacao or Maltese licenses. The license ensures that the site uses licensed software and that players won't be cheated.

Secondly, read casino reviews on or This will help you make a more informed decision.

Thirdly, remember casinos always involve risk. Think of the game as entertainment, not an attempt to make money. Beginners get lucky but think the game is about something other than winning.

Finally, read the Terms&Conditions of the site. There you can find vital information to help you better understand how the gambling site works.

Is it lawful to participate in casinos not registered with GamStop?

Participating in casinos not affiliated with GamStop is entirely lawful for individuals in the UK. As an online casino game player, you are free to make your choice.

The legal obligation rests on the operators of these platforms, especially when accepting international players. Under certain conditions, direct marketing to players in the UK may be against the law, but establishing whether players have been solicited through these means can be challenging. Therefore, as a player, you don't need to worry about the legality of using these platforms.

These sites also allow individuals to circumvent the GamStop self-exclusion register. However, it's crucial to note that if you're struggling with problem gambling, you shouldn't be seeking ways to bypass GamStop via these platforms. Problem gambling is a significant issue requiring appropriate attention and treatment. If you're struggling with a gambling addiction, contact the support teams of casinos not registered with GamStop to set up self-exclusion arrangements.


Non-GamStop casinos are:

  • A popular alternative for UK players.
  • Offering easy and quick registration.
  • Bonus-generous.
  • Provide complete game privacy.

Remember to investigate Terms&Conditions before playing, and read reviews on reliable sites about these casinos. 

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