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Top 5 Poker Game Development Companies in 2021


This world is on the verge of a digital revolution, where the usage of smartphones is increasing at a rapid pace every year. Whether it be Play Store or App Store, now millions of users have a grip over online applications, and seemingly, the online poker game industry is gaining popularity amongst a large number of online gamers.

Even, the latest trends state that the online poker market is booming significantly. Therefore, various business enterprises and entrepreneurs are considering poker development as an astonishing investment opportunity.

If you’re also looking to gain profits through the popularity of online poker then you’re at the right place. This blog will educate you about everything you must know before hiring online poker software developers.

Why invest in a poker game development company

For centuries poker has been a hot potato, with the consistent increase in the growth of poker app downloads and online players. Various startups and entrepreneurs have come forward and shown interest in investing in card game development because of its multidimensional progress and meager investments. 

Here are several other benefits that will convince you to invest in thepoker developmentindustry.

1. Mobile device fragmentation

Grossing as a most popular game states that every smartphone user wants to play online poker irrespective of the device that they use. Poker games are available on Android and iOS app stores, even a lower configuration smartphone supports online card games. 

2. Aging Customers

With the increase in smartphone usage, the mobile gaming sector has become a profitable niche for various startups and entrepreneurs. Being a part of the 90s generation, all of us have spent our childhoods playing legendary video games like Super Mario, Contra, etc and now we use highly technological smartphones that are capable to run high-end video games.

All these facts state that mobile users want to spend more time and resources on online gaming content.

3. Affordable development cost

We all know that setting up a casino is a lengthy process and it requires deep pockets as well. Seemingly, the infrastructural cost of online poker development is 10 times relatively meager against the cost of setting up an offline casino land base.

4. Larger Target Audience

The popularity of online poker platforms is increasing amazingly among the online gaming enthusiasts that do not prefer visiting a land-based offline casino. This is another standalone USP that helps in engaging a larger number of prospects through online poker.

Now we know the benefits of investing in the online poker industry. Let’s dive in to know how you can hire a reliable poker game development company.

Things to know before hiring a poker game development company

There are already numerous developers in the poker developmentindustry that believe in promoting an extraordinary poker gaming experience at cost-effective rates. However, picking reliable online poker software developers from such a large pool is a daunting task.

The following aspects will help you in determining a reliable poker game development company: 

1. Knowledge about poker software

Experience is a very crucial criterion that one should consider before finalizing a poker app developer. Usually IT companies prefer web and Java for card game development but in actuality, these technologies aren’t enough. Look for developers that have expertise in creating mobile games with iOS technology and new platforms. 

2. Check portfolio

A company’s portfolio could be an essential asset to learn about their previous poker game projects. Every poker game development companyprovides links to their previous card games with screenshots and other relevant details, you can look for the reviews and ratings of those apps on the app store as well. 

Such data can help you in determining whether the poker app developer meets up with your expectations or not.

3. Developer strength

The developer strength of a game development company determines its capability to address the features that your poker game expects, despite how small or complex they are.

A larger team ofonline poker software developerswill have resources for every phase of game development like design, UX, testing, etc. It means you’ll not have to outsource your app to multiple game studios.

4. Payment options

Money is the backbone of poker’s mechanism, a poker game cannot further proceed without real money. Therefore, every poker development company should integrate their poker project with multiple payment options like UPI, net banking, etc.

5. Software license and customization

Before finalizing the poker game development company, confirm that they offer a legalized poker solution with customization facilities that your business model expects. 

If a developer is not proficient to cater to the USPs (Unique Selling Points) of your online slot game then it is difficult to stand apart in such a competitive industry.

6. Tech Support and Maintenance

Bug fixing and user-experience upgrades are an inevitable part of the card-game industry. Even though the poker game industry is a highly competitive sector and that’s why every top poker game development company provides live technical support and sustainable maintenance plans.

Still, it is important to know about the maintenance and support policies because some of the companiescharge on the basis of an hour or monthly for the maintenance support. However, the rates also vary on the expertise of the online poker software developers.

Top 5 poker game development companies in India

1. Creatiosoft

Creatiosoft is an Indian poker development company that has developed over 100+ apps and games. They deal in Casino game development, Augmented Reality game production, 2d-3d vectoring, and virtual reality games.

The company laid its foundation stone in 2012, it has an operational office in India and sales offices in India and the USA as well.

2. BR Softech

BR Softech is a leading poker game development companyin India, the company has been serving the world since 2010 with 10+ years of experience. They hold expertise in delivering Poker game solutions with interactive features on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, etc.

The company possesses a tech-savvy team of 180+ IT professionals that possess an analytical work approach and proficiency to work with the latest IT technologies. The operational headquarters of BR Softech is in India and sales offices are in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

3. Capermint

Capermint technologies is a top mobile app development company that serves in providing top-notch mobile games with high-end graphics and interactive content. The company has worked on over 100 + mobile game projects since 2014. You can find the operations office of Capermint in Ahmedabad and Canada.

4. AIS Technolabs

AIS Technolabs is an award-winning poker developmentcompany that provides card game solutions for poker game development on various platforms since 2013. 

AIS Technolabs has worked on over 1000+ projects globally; their head office is in Ahmedabad. You can find their sales offices in the USA, UK, and Canada.

5. Aaryavarta

Aaryavarta is a well-known card-game development company that provides innovative poker game solutions. They deal in various mobile game development services like 2d-3d games, VR & AR games development, social media gaming, and a lot more.

Wrapping Up

The online poker software developershave years of experience in successfully operating and maintaining an online poker platform inclusive of executing marketing campaigns to attract new players; from player registration to user management, payment gateways to content management, agent management to affiliate management.

When you hire a company for your poker developmentproject, you’ll collaborate with the project manager and game development team. The experts possess the craftsmanship to understand the in-depth details of your business.

Author Bio: 

Vidushi Jain is a SEO Analyst. She likes to share her opinions on the IT industry via blogs. Her interest is to write on the latest and advanced IT technologies which includes mobile app development, game development and digital marketing.

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