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What to Think About When Playing on Thai Gambling Sites

The Thai online gambling scene is quite large in comparison to the online gambling scene in other Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. There are more than 50 online casino operators offering their online gambling services to residents of Thailand and there are also online casino game developers which focus completely on the Thai market. 

Examples of Thai online casinos are Happy Luke, Live Casino House and LuckyNiki. The aforementioned online casinos are some of the most popular online casinos in Thailand today according to the updated list of Thai gambling sites at AsianCasinoClub which is an expert online casino resource for Thailand.

Many Western online casino game development companies also offer their library of casino games to online casino operators which are active in Thailand which makes the selection of casino games for the Thai online casino players very impressive. There is always something new to gamble on for a Thai casino player either from a foreign or local Thai casino game developer. 

One of the things to think about when you want to gamble online in Thailand is that most of the casino games which are only available to players in Thailand offer a much lower payout ratio in comparison to the Western casino games. Most of the Thai casino games however are versions of classic Thai gambling games which no Western casino game developer have also developed a version of. 

As a Thai casino player you then have to make a choice between if you want to have a lower chance of winning something when playing one of the traditional Thai casino games or a higher chance of winning playing a modern casino game from one of the Western casino game studios. 

Looking at the Thai casino game developers success in recent years it looks like many of the Thai players choose for tradition over higher payouts on the modern slot games from Western gambling game studios. Nostalgia seems to be very much alive in today's Thai online gambling culture. 

Another thing to look out for when gambling at an online casino website in Thailand is the big differences in processing fees for your deposits and withdrawals. There are many different deposit and withdrawal methods offered by the online casino operators but the fees vary greatly between them. Two of the most popular online casino deposit methods in Thailand are instant bank transfer and phone billing. 

The phone billing deposit method works in such a way that you call a special number and then through your dial pad on your phone you enter the amount you want to deposit into your account. The amount instantly gets taken off your prepaid phone plan or added to your postpaid phone plan. The phone deposit option is easy and as many Thai people still don’t have a credit card such as MasterCard or VISA this is a popular option. The phone billing solution however comes at a hefty 15% fee for the player. 

The other very popular online casino deposit method in Thailand today is instant bank transfer which allows a player to instantly transfer funds from their bank account to the bank account of the online casino operator. The deposit fee associated with instant bank transfer is usually between 1% to 2.5% depending on the bank. 

Only the major banks are supported by the Thai online casino operators but more Thai banks are constantly being supported by the Thai online casinos.

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