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PC or Mobile: Which One is Suitable for Gaming?

PC gaming or mobile gaming? Which one is right for you? That's the question. Before we talk about the differences, let's clarify what gaming is. 

PC or Mobile?

Gaming is a fun activity where you sit in front of your computer or phone, interact with it, and play a game that gets you all excited and makes your heart run quickly. 

Both have their pros and cons, but if you are looking forward to buying a new PC or mobile, this guide will come in handy. Here you'll find out on which platform you can play more games.

PC Gaming versus Mobile Gaming

Go through this comparison before arriving at a decision.

Graphics and Display

You can use a big monitor or TV to play games on a PC, which is impossible with mobiles as they have a small screen size. 

PCs are also much more powerful in graphics, and they can easily handle high-end graphics games. But mobiles don't have high-end specs due to their small size, limiting the hardware in mobiles. 

So, if you want to play graphics-intensive games, and are keen to customize your weapons to complete your top builds in Payday 2 and get started with your missions, for example, a PC is a must for you as mobiles will show lag and frame drops even in low settings.

Game Library

There are many games available on mobile platforms. Still, when we talk about PC, there are thousands of games available on various platforms like steam, origin, GOG, etc, offering top bonuses such as

If you love playing new games, you should prefer a PC over mobile phones. But there are still some good graphics-intensive games available on mobile platforms, like Fortnite.

Gameplay & Controls

Mobile games and others globallyhave a simple interface and action buttons. That, along with the fact that you are playing on a small screen, makes the game playable only for leisure purposes.

On the other hand, PC games have complicated interfaces and require a good amount of learning time to master.

PC controls are more advanced than those on your phone. The games use keyboard and mouse-like controls to navigate your virtual world, while mobile games use touchscreen devices to command actions.

Community and Social Interaction

There's no denying that gaming has become a social activity that continues to grow in popularity. With the rise of social media and increased connectivity, it's now easier than ever for gamers to connect and play together. 

Many people choose computers as their preferred gaming platform because they allow them to play with people worldwide. With PCs, you can connect via LAN or join a server for online multiplayer games. 

Mobile devices don't have this capability, although you can enjoy some social aspects of gaming by competing against your friends online or sharing achievements.


One of the major benefits of PCs is that all your games will be compatible with the system. Most modern games will be for Windows PCs and Macs, so you don’t worry about compatibility. On mobile devices, however, compatibility is an issue.

Some mobile games are for iOS and Android systems, but others only work on one platform. If you want to play a certain game, you may have to buy a new phone!


Consoles need to get plugged into the wall to work. They're also much bulkier than portable gaming systems, so you can't stand them up or put them on a shelf the way you can with a laptop or tablet. 

With laptops and tablets, you can take them anywhere you want, whether to the park with your kids or out to dinner with your significant other.

You'll need an internet connection and television with HDMI ports if you're going with a console. But even if you don't have either of those things, your options are still good: 

You can stream games through apps on devices like Apple TV; buy games digitally, or download games from a cloud service.

PC or Mobile?


There's another advantage to investing in a PC for gaming: upgradeability. Because PCs are modular and frequently house components that fit standard sockets, it's easy (and often quite cheap) to improve the performance of your PC by replacing a few parts.

This isn't true for consoles, which aren't for upgrades. Even if you add an external hard drive or some other peripheral, you're not going to see much improved performance. 

Which One is Better

The truth is, both PC and mobile gaming have aspects that make them appealing. Mobile gaming on UK Casinos is growing more popular by the day, as people are looking for something entertaining to do on the go.

However, PC gaming will never get replaced. After all, it's the foundation of gaming history. Regardless of which you select, both platforms have great titles that you should try out. Just choose one over another!

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