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Why Online Sports Betting Becoming Extremely Popular in Singapore

Singapore experienced a drought of openings to wager on sports events when the Remote Gambling Act of 2014 prohibited all remote sports betting facilities within the nation. However, since the legitimization of online sports betting in the Lion City in 2016, the Singaporean bookmaking market has become more fertile with many betting sites. Along with a handful of Singaporean betting sites, many overseas ones have already entered the scenario with lucrative betting offerings covering several national and international events on various sports.

With such affluence in betting options, Singaporean bettors are now exposed to a galore of supplementary benefits that have sparked their admiration for Sports betting Singapore more than ever before. 

1. Presence of Galore of Sports Options

Sports betting have always been way above merely being a way of making real money profits. It's a mode of entertainment that billions of bettors choose to indulge in. The appearance of several new online bookmaking sites in the Singaporean market has brought more convenience to players in terms of the sports options they prefer. The sports Singaporean bettors admire most, like football, basketball, and cricket, are mainly available, encompassing nearly all major events.

Besides, the thriving lists of available sports that online bookmaking sites showcase plenty of others like rugby union, badminton, horse races, Olympic events, and more.

2. More sports Tempting Odds

With many new players becoming a part of the Singaporean online sports betting market, the periphery has become quite competitive, as every betting platform is eager to attract bettors towards them only. A situation such formed a huge advantageous edge for the betting admirers. Moreover, bookmaking platforms offer elevated odds on sports events to overshadow other providers. Hence, players can now easily avail lucrative odds and increase their profit margin more on winning bets.

These bookmaking sites also showcase available odds in multiple formats so that no player faces confusion while checking them. In the majority of Singaporean sports books, you will find betting odds being shown in Decimal, Fractional, and American formats.

3. Lucrative Promotional Offers

Similar to Singapore online casino, promotional offers and bonuses rest at the very soul of online sports betting. Besides, because of the previously mentioned competition and presence of several providers offering free bets, match-up bonuses of 100% and above it, boosts on Acca bets or other specific types of bets, and more.

4. Players' Safety

The legitimization of online sports betting in Lion City has opened doors for many gambling platforms from within the nation and offshore. The Singaporean bookmaking sites proffering such facilities to bettors do this with valid national authentication. Besides, the offshore ones are also recognized by globally-accepted regulatory authorities.

These platforms function with fair practices, keeping optimum care for participating bettors, and are safe and fair. It is something Singaporean bettors admire most. These sites secure their platforms with various firewall technologies and encrypt the information they transact with industry-standard SSL encryptions.

5. Reliable Payment Options

The Singaporean and offshore bookmaking platforms active within the offer various online payment options bettors can choose from. It's because Singaporeans love having enough choices regarding the safety of the real money amount they transact with bookmaking sites.

Internet banking comes at the crown in this regard. Most sports books for Singaporean players allow users to deposit money amounts directly from their bank account to bookmaking accounts via online bank transfer. Furthermore, this acceptance is valid for all major Singaporean banks.

The inclination to utilize e-wallets comes right after it. Having an e-wallet account is like opening a regular bank account. In that account, you can keep your money and directly transact it with the betting site you are registered in. Skrill is among the e-wallet options available in most Singaporean online sports books. Furthermore, bettors don't need to get into unnecessary impediments of currency conversions, as these bookmaking sites accept Singapore Dollars (SGD). Besides, you will also find many accepting players who wager with crypto currencies.

6. Adaptability to Mobile Phones

Regardless of whether its casino gambling or betting on sports events, mobile, as a medium, is the present and future of all kinds of wagering endeavors. Hence, online sports betting would have never been popular in Singapore if the existing online sites couldn't allow players to enjoy betting activities from their mobile phones.

Nearly all online bookmaking sites currently offer mobile betting facilities for Singaporean players. Many do it with the help of designated mobile apps that bettors need to download on their mobile phones from bookmaking sites. Besides, Most of them have also created their web presence completely compatible with mobile devices so that everyone can easily access those sites by searching the sports book through their mobile browser.

7. Customer Support

Singaporean sports betting sites bestow their users with highly responsive customer support. Support stays available in multiple channels like live chat, email, and phone calls. Besides, the number of sportsbooks keeping their customer support team active 24x7 isn't any less.

Wrapping Up

All these aspects of online sports betting in Singapore have made it extremely popular among betting lovers. From presenting a diverse range of betting opportunities on sports with lucrative odds to providing enough support and security to supplying regular promotional offers and the ability to bet through mobile devices – the current scenario of Singapore online betting has the right recipe to acquire popularity.

Besides, the market is thriving at a tremendous rate with the surging interest of the sports bettors of the country. Hence, the only thing waiting in the fortune of Singaporean sports bettors are more enjoyment, convenience, and profit. 

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