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Online Sports Betting In The Philippines

Sports betting

In this digital age, almost all areas of human life have made the move online. Older forms of communication such as posting letters and phone calls have given way to emails, instant messaging and virtual meetings. Nowadays, buying and selling of goods and services, as well as monetary payments can be done from the comfort of your home. Technology has brought goods and services to our doorsteps through smartphones, laptops and iPads and the sports betting industry isn’t left out.

The need to reach more people than betting shops can cater to led to the development of sports betting websites and applications. In this century, any serious business should have an online presence to increase its accessibility to potential customers. Online sports betting is the act of placing bets on any sporting event of your choice on the internet. This removes the stress of visiting betting shops and outlets or having to stake with cash.

Sports betting

Before these technological advancements, sports betting involved visiting wagering shops and outlets to place a bet. However, punters can now browse through different sports betting websites and check for probable outcomes without stepping into a betting shop. Online betting Philippines has given room to more sports fans to place bets without queuing at betting shops. They can also make deposits and withdrawals straight into their bank accounts within a twinkle of an eye.

Sports betting

Online betting Philippines has seen the arrival of different bookmakers and prediction websites looking to take advantage of the huge betting market. This has led to government regulation of gambling through the Philippines Amusement and Gambling Corporation (PAGCOR). And so, to operate a betting outlet in the Philippines, sportsbooks and bookmakers must be licensed by PAGCOR.

Advantages Of Online Sports Betting In The Philippines

As mentioned earlier, online betting is an important innovation for the sports betting industry and the following are some of its advantages:

  • Bettors can play games from the comfort of their phones, no matter where they are
  • Online betting Philippines gives you access to various markets and betting options
  • Faster deposits, payments and withdrawals are available through online mediums
  • Seamless registration and improved betting experience
  • Access to accurate sports prediction websites and the biggest odds.

Disadvantages Of Online Betting In The Philippines

As with anything that has upsides, there must equally be downsides. Online sports betting is no different and here are some of the disadvantages it brings:

  • Cashout times may be longer than usual depending on your location and withdrawal options
  • The ease of access and discrete nature of online betting makes it highly addictive
  • Methods of payment and withdrawals are not familiar to all
  • Different rules and regulations apply to betting outlets and online betting sites.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Betting Philippines

To ensure you’re well equipped with accurate information about online betting Philippines, we take a look at some frequently asked questions in this section.

Is Online Betting Legal In The Philippines?

This generally depends on your location. For instance, gambling rules in the Cagayan region make it illegal for citizens to engage in online betting. While foreigners may bet online, citizens have to place their bets at PAGCOR registered outlets and not at their homes.

However, the Court of Appeals ruled in 2012 that the enabling Act which created PAGCOR doesn’t ban online betting. As such, both citizens and foreigners are now allowed to bet online in the Philippines. The introduction of Philippine Offshore Gambling Operator Licenses also led to an influx of foreign sportsbooks and online casinos.

The combined effect of the PAGCOR and POGO licenses helps to safeguard Filipinos from scammers who disguise as online bookmakers. You can check a list of some registered and popular sportsbooks in the Philippines here. The registration also makes for increased government revenue as citizens have to pay taxes on their online betting Philippines wins.

Sports betting

What Payment Options Are Available At Online Betting Philippines?

The payment options available for online sports betting in the Philippines vary from debit and credit cards to bank transfers and Skrill. Other payment options include Neteller, Entropay, Western Union and Money Gram.

Western Union and Money Gram are recognised around the world and allow you to make both physical and electronic payments. Entropay is, however, more popular in Asian countries and a popular payment option in the Philippines. The usual timeline for receipt of deposited funds into your betting wallet is a few minutes. Although, Money Gram and Western Union may take about two days.

Can I Use Online Betting Philippines On My Phone?

Yes, you can! The essence of online betting Philippines is to make your favourite games available to you anywhere you are. As a result, most online sportsbooks have developed mobile versions> of their websites that work perfectly on your phone. Some online sportsbooks have also developed applications that can be downloaded to your mobile phone. 

So, you don’t have to worry if there’s no computer close by. Optimized mobile websites and applications ensure you carry the fun with you in the palm of your hands. Depending on the sportsbook, you can access different markets and betting options, including deposits and withdrawals.


In conclusion, online betting Philippines is a huge boost to sports fans, punters and bookies as it offers everyone a chance to win. With the increased access to betting companies and services, more Filipinos can now place bets discreetly and comfortably. It’s important to make use of accurate sports prediction websites and reliable sportsbooks for the best online betting Philippines experience. 

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