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Online Ludo - How to Play and Best Practices

Online Ludo

Few games result in as much fun for 2-4 players as ludo, which has moved to the virtual medium from a real board game. The game can now be enjoyed with an interesting UI (User Interface) on an Android app; it can still be played across different ages. What’s more, it can easily be played among individuals living in different parts of the world.

Changing With the Times

Despite the game’s change in avatar, it still remains as exciting and enjoyable as before. In fact, very few players today would have played the game in its raw form on a real board. Those who do not want to miss out on the fun but still want to enjoy the game should check app tutorials on how to play ludo online. Of course, the basics can also be explained by their friends. These days, even celebrities appear on ludo game screens with interesting offers and jackpots.

The Ludo app allows individuals to earn online money these days. It is also possible to earn more by competing against others in Private Rooms. Groups of known individuals can also play together and earn from each other. Games among such players will not only result in guidance, but also in a lot of fun. Money for the game can be withdrawn through online wallets and bank accounts, but account verification will be necessary.

Basics of Ludo Play

Each player on a virtual ludo board will get 4 tokens to play. Any token will be able to move on the board only upon getting the number 6 on dice. Every token must complete 4 rounds of the board and return to the point of start; whoever does this the fastest wins the game. The places where each token is made to stand are known as houses, and each token must get into the house of same colour.

Sometimes tokens take very long to move and even begin the game due to unavailability of 6 on the dice. Players can eliminate their opponents’ tokens by landing on them. There are also some parts of the board where two tokens of different colours can stand simultaneously, just like the actual board. Downloading and storing game instructions might be helpful to win games.

Best Practices for Winning Ludo Games

Not all strategies work for all individuals. However, the ones given below are commonly used by the best players of the game to gain quick game closure:

  1. Wait - There are several star signs on every virtual board. Any token standing on such cannot be knocked off. These star signs should be used strategically to move ahead at the right time.
  2. Tokens Should Keep Moving - All tokens on the board must keep moving as much as possible during a game. There is no need for one of them to complete the board journey before moving another. Much of this game is about luck and that should never be forgotten.
  3. Maths Skills - Movement on the board can be best predicted by using probability
  4. Rule of 7 - A player’s aim should always be to remain 7 steps ahead of the opponent on the board. It is useful in escaping in case the opponent’s token comes too close. Players can consider this as the best chance of survival.
  5. Knocking Over Tokens - To be able to do this successfully as much as possible, all payers should first focus on reducing their own probability of being knocked off first. With more than one remaining tokens around that of the opponent, it becomes easier to attack.

Referral Codes

Ludo players can use their own referral codes to enable new players to join, allowing them to win cash very soon.

Enjoy Voice Chats

A lot of ludo game app manufacturers have included Voice Chat in the Ludo gaming platform, enabling the players to speak with each other during the game. It will help players form friendships during games and also play together at a later date. Sharing emojis during the game creates a lot of excitement on every other move.

Enhancing Board Appearance with Skins

The term ‘skin’ in ludo denotes the pattern and colour of the virtual board. When players move from one level to another, these skins can be upgraded. Every skin at a higher level is more visually appealing than the earlier one, with sounds to match as well.

Players receive bonuses in accordance with the completed games as well, with some ludo apps giving higher bonuses than others.

Online Security

There is no doubt that online security is very important, keeping in mind the amount of personal information being shared through the Internet. Players should secure their data by downloading only well-known ludo apps from the Google Play store. Stores such as Google Play make use of security to prevent misuse of data. It scrutinizes every app closely before allowing it to be listed.

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