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Is Online Gaming Now a Common Hobby
for All Age Groups?

The hobbies and the pastimes that people enjoy is what can separate individuals from being the same and unique, especially as there are several different potential activities that can be enjoyed.

There are some that are rather niche such as collecting buttons, stamps, or even certain monetary coin values, whilst there are some that are perhaps more common, including playing a certain sport, watching TV, or reading a book and listening to music.

Online gaming is enjoyed all around the world

However, there is no denying that another of the most common hobbies to currently exist around the world is online gaming. To highlight this, it was thought that there are a total of 3.24 billion video gamers around the world: approximately 41% of the world’s total population.

Naturally, due to infrastructure constraints and the lack of technological advancements in certain regions, not all of these will be online gamers, although it is estimated that more than a billion of those gamers are able to play using the internet.

Obviously, it is clear that this has become a highly popular pastime for many, with the demographics for gamers also varying across a variety of different age groups. According to figures that were provided for the American market, more than 50% of each age bracket was thought to be a regular gamer.

How does this common hobby compare to those in previous decades?

When thinking about previous decades and the hobbies that had been enjoyed during those times, it could be argued that there has been a significant change.

Of course, whilst much of the gaming market will now be able to enjoy the best experiences playing online casino games now as they are legally old enough, those that were perhaps born in the 90s and before will have had a different common pastime.

During the 90s, many kids would have likely had hobbies that involved some form of outdoor play as parents wanted them to get out of the house and enjoy certain activities that could be enjoyed. This included games such as running around from friends, whilst also participating in certain sports.

These activities would have been enjoyed more so in the decades before the 90s, with the population not having been able to experience the technology that we have seen boom over the last 30 years.

Why has online gaming become a common hobby now?

There are several reasons why online gaming has become a common pastime for many, especially for those who have been brought up in the digital generation.

Games that have been created recently have provided gamers with the opportunity to be just as sociable as doing so if they were to be in the physical company of others, especially with the level of interaction and communication now needed to achieve certain aims when playing online.

Of course, the digital age has certainly taken over with the technological advancements that have been experienced in the last three decades, which will have had a huge influence on why online gaming has become a common hobby for all age groups, too!

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