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Online Gambling in Singapore: Is It Legal or Not?

Many online gamblers are wondering if it is legal to play online gambling in Singapore. There are many different opinions on the legality of online gambling in Singapore; some people say that online gambling is illegal, while others believe that there is a loophole or exception for it. In this blog post, we will talk about what the law states and how you can go about playing safe and legally, so you do not get into trouble with the authorities!

The Laws About Online Gambling in Singapore

Singapore has a great number of laws regulating online gambling. These include the following:

  • Singapore's Remote Gambling Act (RGA) makes it illegal for anyone within Singapore to operate or advertise remote gambling in any form, including but not limited to Internet websites and mobile applications. The RGA also prohibits people from participating remotely in such games.
  • Online casinos are prohibited by law as well because they fall under "remote betting."

There is a loophole that does not allow you to play online gambling in Singapore if the operator is not based inside of your own country! So, what does this mean? Well - just because an online casino is located outside of your region legally means that you can participate there without breaking the law.

Is It Safe to Play Online Casino in Singapore?

This is one of the most asked questions about online gambling in Singapore according to Google. The answer is YES, you are able to find numerous online casinos in Singapore that offers online gambling experience all over the internet.

It shows that many people are actually enjoying online gambling in Singapore. Over the year, it is estimated around 20,000 Singaporeans are actually playing in online casinos and they have no issue with the laws and regulations of the country. However, there are still some cases of online casino scams that agents took off the money and did not return it back to the player.

To ease you, we did research on which are the most prominent and reliable online casinos that you are able to rest assured while playing on it. One of them is the well-known online casino, BK8Evo.

Which Online Casino in Singapore is Legitimate?

As mentioned above, we found that among all of the online casinos available in Singapore, BK8Evo stands out the most. This is because of its worldwide reputation and there is almost no bad review about the best online casino in Singapore.

The reasons why we put BK8Evo in the first place in our minds is because the brand has its presence all over Asia. The brand started in Malaysia in the year of 2015, and over the years, it has grown its brand to over 10 countries such as Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, and more.

Moreover, BK8Evo has also engaged with several world-class athletes as their brand ambassador. The current brand ambassador of BK8Evo is Robin Van Persie, a world-class professional football player from The Netherlands and Manchester United.

The Best Online Casino in Singapore: BK8Evo

BK8Evo offers the best online gambling experience. The good things about the Singapore Online Casino are many. Here we will talk about the amazing gambling platform and the reason it has an above position compared to others.

The Best Collection of Online Casino Games

The first of the most important elements are the choices of gaming in the has a wide range of games from all categories like slots, casino card and table games to even live dealer games for you to enjoy.

The best collection of games is certainly one of their main strengths which sets them apart from many other casinos out there as they offer more than 500 different types of slot machines, 20 plus variants for blackjack, poker variants such as Texas Hold'em Poker and Omaha Hi/Lo Poker, roulette, and many more.

Amazing Online Casino Promotions and Bonuses

Other than game choices, you are most likely to see the bonuses that an online casino offers. BK8Evo has a ton of promotions and bonuses to spoil their players. One of the most popular is the Welcome Bonus, which allows their new players to claim up to SGD 800 when they made their first deposit into their gaming wallet.

Other than that, you may also want to know that BK8Evo has lots of interesting promotions such as a Cryptocurrency Deposit Bonus. Every player is able to claim this extra bonus up to SGD 388 Weekly by depositing via Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDt), and Ethereum (ETH).

Play at Ease with Professional Customer Support Team Ready

As a player, whenever you face any issue, the first person to go to is the customer support team. However, did you have any experience with poor services that make you waited hours and even days to help you to solve your problems? BK8Evo is definitely not one of them.

We had tried to message the support team via Live Chat and out of our expectations, we got a reply in just 2 minutes after we sent the first message. That is an incredible service right there! We even created some random questions about the online casino, and they have professionally handled all our queries without leaving any questions to ask.

Final Words

Now you have a clearer idea about online gambling in Singapore and how to locate a legitimate online casino. It is about time to get into one and start your online gambling experience journey right away!

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