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Which Online Casinos Have the Best Loyalty Programs in Portugal

The online casino sector has had vast benefits to the gamers, especially at a time when the pandemic has put the world at a standstill. Most people are now spending their free time indoors, and gaming has become one of the best activities. That’s because travelling to land-based casinos is no longer fashionable.

Also, every gamer in Portugal wants to take care of themselves and abide by the regulations stipulated by the World Health Organization. There has been an increase in new gaming companies aiming at meeting the rising demand for gaming services.

They are using various ways to tap players and keep the existing ones. The common method used by almost every casino is a loyalty program. We linked up with our expert gamer Victoria Oliveira (view profile), to elaborate on the concept and the online casinos offering casino loyalty programs in Portugal.

What you need to understand by online loyalty bonus

Businesses globally have a set of customers who have stayed with them for the longest period since they started operations. Also, some joined along the way and have never left. They always set a programme that allows them to reward them.

The same happens in the Portugal casino gaming sector, as the casinos also have players who have been part of them and have proved their loyalty. They have gaming loyalty programs that are also known as reward programs for such gamers.

Here are the types of loyalty programs

Calendar Rewards

Loyalty programs aren’t random but planned and rolled out by the casinos. Some casinos will reward players through exclusive rewards such as free spins and exclusive tournaments. Such rewards are only available on specific dates. Some are available daily while others monthly. They are only accessible by regular players, thus allowing them to enjoy unlimited gaming.

Tiered Bonuses

They are the bonuses that form the backbone of the loyalty program. They are divided into tires such as Platinum, Gold and Silver. Other loyalty programs reward their players in categories such as VIP, Elite VIP and Diamond. That implies that for you to reach the top category of the loyalty programs, you must play frequently.

Cash Back Bonus

You must be wondering about the common loyalty bonus that you won’t miss any loyalty program. Cash Back Bonus is the answer. It’s among the best casino loyalty program types that allows the players to get points.

However, that does not happen freely. The points are only valid to those who place wagers. If you reach a certain limit, you qualify to redeem points into real cash. Most casinos allow the players to redeem their points once they reach 500, while others will redeem them once they reach 1000.

A good example is when you select a site where you can play bingo online. The site can give you points whenever you wager and play bingo. You can then redeem such points for money after hitting a certain limit.

Casinos offering loyalty programs in Portugal

Casino Joy

It’s among the few casinos with a great VIP club that will allow you to enjoy vast benefits. Some of the things you will be entitled to include dedicated account managers, exclusive bonuses and a monthly VIP prize draw.

Others are luxury vacations, personalised birthday gifts, personalised payout services and access to exclusive promos. They will make your gaming life enjoyable. You will always want to visit the casinos to enjoy the goodies that are ever waiting for you.


Ladbrokes is among the top reputable casinos in the gambling sector that will give you an amazing gaming experience. It has a three-tier loyalty program that makes the gamers always feel great whenever they play.

The tier is primarily based on the wagers players make and the points they earn. For a player to reach the highest tier, they have to be actively involved in gaming.

Boo Casino

It’s among the few casinos that offer a loyalty program that is invite-only. You have to prove your loyalty to the casino by getting involved in the games actively. After that, you will have to wait for an invite from the casino to join the best casino loyalty program.

If you are lucky, you will have the following privileges: welcome offers, birthday gifts, faster payouts and personal VIP managers who will help you run your casino account.

As you can see, Portugal has some of the top casinos that have got the best gaming loyalty programs for passionate gamers. Don’t hesitate to join any of them.

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