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Non GamStop Casinos

Online gambling is a super popular pastime rapidly growing over the past decade. However, due to its massive recent expansion, many people have raised concerns about the rate at which people indulge in this pastime or technically overindulge in it.

Gambling is a prevalent hobby in Britain, as the country ranks as one of Europe’s top gaming markets and has so for decades. In early-2020, its gaming regulator, the UKGC, decided to implement the GamStop self-exclusion scheme to its arsenal of anti-gambling measures. Moreover, at the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, it also temporarily mandated that operators cease to offer promotions to customers displaying indicators of harm, prevent reverse withdrawal options, and more. Hence, all these restrictions inadvertently caused a spike in the popularity of non GamStop casinos. These are foreign-based operators.

Currently, the UKGC has again made its way into the news cycle after imposing draconic fines for operators like Genesis Global Limited. Entities that have failed to implement AML regulation adequately. Plus, this regulator is allegedly also toying with the idea of adding a source of funds checks for players enjoying games of chance and sports betting with UK-based operators.

Below, a short guide follows regarding the UKGC’s universal self-exclusion system, casinos not on GamStop, and what is causing an ever-growing horde of Brits from seeking out these sites.

How the UKGC – GamStop Partnership Functions

GamStop is a database that shares information about self-exclusion bans activated by UK gamblers at any UKGC-licensed site. Once a player decides that he is starting to develop a compulsion towards any form of internet betting, he can select to activate a resting period where he will be unable to join or gamble at any UK-based site. The GamStop network has been in the works since 2017, yet, it finally went live in March 2020.

The UKGC, founded in 2007 via the Gambling Act of 2005, is Britain's sole licensing and overseeing body in the gambling realm. It monitors all casino gaming, sports betting, and lottery fun. The only gambling section it does not cover is so-called spread betting, which is the responsibility of the Financial Conduct Authority. The UKGC boasts a reputation as one of the most stringent gaming regulators, as it implements various measures that other similar bodies do not even consider. In the past two years, the UKGC has chosen to put player safety first at the expense of player enjoyability. It has done so by incorporating spin timers, max bet wagering restrictions, bonus limitations, and more. As touched upon above, these measures have only served to up interest in casinos not using GamStop.

How Casinos Not Using GamStop Operate

A foreign gambling site keeping its virtual doors open for British players gets classified as a non GamStop casino. Thus, these platforms do not participate in the GamStop network, which is exclusive to UKGC-approved online casinos and sportsbooks. They boast a license from an international licensor such as the Malta Gaming Authority, Panama’s Gaming Control Board, the Costa Rican Government, or one of the four Curacao master license holders.

In many ways, gambling sites with an international license are similar to UKGC ones. However, they excel in providing a great deal of variety concerning payment methods, various promotions, immense game catalogs, and no gameplay restrictions.

It is worth noting that anyone suffering from suspected or diagnosed gambling addiction should not see these sites as a way to continue their gambling ways despite previously activating a self-imposed ban.

Is It Illegal to Use Casinos Not on GamStop

UK players that have decided to check out casinos not using GameStop should experience no repercussions for falling prey to their curiosity. The UK has no history of punishing residents that favor offshore operators. In the case of any legal liability, the burden falls on the operator. Since it allowed citizens of a country that should not legally have access to their platform easily attain it. Hence, the law sees them at fault.

It is also not unusual for a casino not on GamStop to advertise its services via Google ads or other means to Brits, even though it should not have this option legally.

Again, no one should look to a casino not on GamStop as a way to circumvent anti-problem gambling measures. These sites have site-specific self-exclusion, promoting responsible gaming by allowing users to set deposit/loss limits and listing links to organizations that help people suffering from a compulsion toward betting.

Should You Check Out Non GamStop Casinos

It is entirely up to customers to decide if they feel comfortable exploring a non GamStop casino. To make things easier on readers before they decide if they should play at these sites or not, the primary pros and cons of these platforms get briefly outlined below.

The Positives of Utilizing Casinos Not on GamStop

The benefits of playing at non GamStop casinos include:

  • New titles from dozens of game providers.
  • Availability of niche payment options.
  • Generous bonuses and VIP perks.
  • No gameplay restrictions.
  • Access to unique betting markets.

The Negatives of Utilizing Casinos Not on GamStop

The drawbacks of playing at non GamStop casinos include:

  • GBP may not get accepted.
  • Some UK market-specific games may be missing.
  • T&C pages get defined under foreign laws.
  • No access to official mediators’, third-party dispute agencies.
  • No universal self-exclusion.

Casinos Not on GamStop vs. GamStop Platforms

There is no deciding factor between GamStop sites and those existing outside of the UKGC’s reach, not using its mandatory self-exclusion scheme, GamStop. Regarding what platform a player should choose, a UKGC-licensed one or a non GamStop casino, the debate entirely falls on player safety versus player freedom.

Brits prone to engaging in risky behavior who do not have a decent grip on how to control their impulses would be smart to stick to UKGC-approved platforms. Those who believe that they can resist the temptation of spending more than what they can afford to lose should have no problem enjoying a non GamStop casino. So, given that both platform categories have pros and cons, it is entirely up to online gamblers to decide what is a priority for them and the kind of gaming experience they can handle.

Final Thought

Undoubtedly, gambling is a risky endeavor that can bring various potential financial, social, and emotional consequences. That is why it is paramount that players evaluate the risks associated with them partaking in this activity. Those that can practice self-control should look to test out a non GamStop casino today, as these sites offer better promotions, more games, higher wager limits on top of no gameplay limitations. They supply more gambling fun for individuals that can bet in moderation.

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