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There Are No Signs - There's Just You
and Your Decisions

We all make decisions and sometimes part of those decisions are mistakes. That’s life, growing up and learning is the key to becoming better at life. 

Some people believe that we all receive signs and that we should do things according to them. While in some cases this might have worked, it is impossible to think that you should wait for some kind of a sign to make your decisions.

Unfortunately, people have been taking this line of thinking to places which can actually hurt them physically, psychologically as well as financially. According to top rated online odds websites, the number of times they’ve seen a customer justify their decision because they saw a white cat while going to work that day or they dropped a fork or any other superstition that hypothetically leads to good luck is way too much than they’d have liked to have seen.

Sure some things are completely random, but it’s not worth justifying this randomness with various beliefs and signs. Failure at that point would hurt even more. It’s best to see that whatever led to this moment was a decision that could have been avoided.

The thing is that, while gambling, it is you and the game. That’s it. There are no signs, no special days, etc. It is only your luck and playing technique, and sometimes not even this, that can help you win. 

This is just like life. If you waited for something to show you the right way, to guide and helped you make better decisions, everything would just lose its price. 

Trusting your gut is very, very important. But you should not wait for some kind of unrealistic sign to drink a coffee, or go out for a walk, or for anything really. Imagine waiting for something to show you the way, what would it mean for you? If you knew what was right to do, life would just not have a point. 

Many successful people say that all they did was to be at the right place, at the right time. It would not happen to them if they sat and waited for a sign to decide what their next step would be. 

Keep in mind that it is very important for everyone to take responsibility for their own decisions and choices. The main thing is to understand what is right for you, and no sign can tell you that. It is you, and your own decision that can show you the right way. 

Understanding that you got where you are because you applied for a certain job, you studied a certain thing, and so on, is very important. It can help you understand yourself better, while also showing you that it’s you who worked hard, who learned, who failed but did not give up, who did their best and managed to be someone they always wanted to. 

That is the feeling that everyone is looking for, not some kind of sign that will show them what is the right thing to do. If we knew what we had to do, there would just be no point in making decisions. If there was a way of seeing what was to come, working hard would just lose its meaning. 

So the next time you start waiting for a sign to make a specific decision, just remember that it is all you - there are no signs. Everything you do, do it from your own decisions. 

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