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Is the NBA a Sport Aussies Should Be Following?


Australian sports fans enjoy watching the National Basketball League, with the uptempo, run-and-gun style of play always entertaining those in the stands.

But the NBL doesn’t even hold a candle to the National Basketball Association -- the epicenter of the hoops world.

There are a number of basketball leagues around the globe, in fact, the sport is up there with soccer, in terms of how many different countries have a basketball league. But none of them can even hold a candle to the NBA. That league houses all the top 500 players in the world, and it’s where all the prospective hoopers aspire to play in. Most importantly, its revenue continues to soar, with the salary cap increasing every year, so it’s where players can make the most money. Not only that, the NBA really excels in managing its TV contracts -- so players can be seen playing around the world, in real-time, on many different platforms, via desktop or mobile. This is quite a difference from those who play in other leagues, as they simply have to hope a video clip of them playing will go viral on social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook -- or possibly YouTube.

But the NBA is where players are always in the spotlight, no matter which team they play for. And given that Aussie sports fans enjoy the NBL so much, they should definitely start watching the NBA. The NBL has a solid product, with some good team basketball, and unselfish play -- rather than individuals just attempting to become viral highlights. But the NBA, well, it’s a constant highlight show. An epic dunk, shot, block or act of dribbling can happen at any moment, which is why fans are often glued to the edge of their seats. Seeing the Suns vs Bucks live in action is an experience unlike any other, and it gives you the opportunity to stand up and make the stadiums loud and vibrant in support of your side.


And while the quality of play in the NBA is better than any other league, another major selling point is the plethora of betting options. Bettors aren’t only limited to spreads, moneylines and over-unders -- instead, they can also get action down on points, rebounds and assists totals. This is especially beneficial for Australian online pokies, who love wagering on whatever possible. 

The NBL is fun to watch, but Aussies should make sure to watch the NBA whenever possible as well, to complete their basketball fix.

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