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NBA 2K21 Best Tips & Tricks For Shooting,
Badges, Defending, VC and More

Whether you are an experienced player with the NBA 2K license or whether it is your first installment, we give you the best tips and tricks to know how to create your player well, shoot properly and have ample options to win the games in NBA 2K21.

Best Tips & Tricks

Best Tips For Winning In NBA 2K21 Game Modes

Basketball lovers have an annual appointment with the new installment of NBA 2K that in this edition improves its playability even more compared to the previous installment, but also includes some changes that you could take advantage of.

Rivals in professional basketball are very tough, and all these tips and tricks will help you understand the new shot meter, position yourself on the court, earn badges and also take advantage of modalities like My Career and My Player.

If you dedicate the right time and take advantage of the learning curve, you will quickly get the skills to compete in the elite, and thus manage your favorite teams, always achieving very good results.

Understanding the new shot meter

We no longer have the green meter from last year, and now you're going to have to work a lot harder to score.

On this occasion, we must release the launch button between a kind of yellow marker that appears in different positions within the new bar. Note that this marker changes position depending on where we are on the court, which will take longer to perfect.

But if you don't like the shot meter ...

You can always deactivate it from the options, which will allow us to focus more on the player jump and make a much more natural launch without any distraction with a launch bar.

Don't waste shots

You must follow the simple rule of never shooting to the basket if you are surrounded by other opponents because either they are going to block you or your player is going to miss the shot.

So it's all about trying to make fast, convoluted passes, until you find a good shooting position.

Learn the optimal shooting zones

As the shot meter has now changed and is more based on the position of the player at the time of the shot to the basket, you must learn in which places on the court you have the highest percentage of success to try to make all the shots from there.

There are many ways to earn VC

In additional NBA 2K21 MT in MyTEAM mode,VC is another main currency in the game. If you have reserved the game you will have taken a lot of VC , but if you have not, do not worry because there are so many other ways to win it. And there are many ways to get VC, especially enjoying the modality of My career and the Neighborhood.

Also answering questions well during 2KTV episodes, earning sponsorships, and completing shooting challenges are going to help you too. That is, if you play variable games it is likely that you will end up winning quite a few VCs and NBA 2K MT coins over time.

Earn badges and boost the right ones

You must always choose the correct ones for your player to climb properly in modes such as My Player. Realize that playing my career and in the neighborhood you will be acquiring badges in different areas such as shooting and game creation. It is important that you learn what each of the badges do and choose the one that best suits your way of playing and the type of players you have.

Keep your player stable and defending the position

If you have several opponents in front of you or a great powerful player, the best way to defend yourself is by staying nailed and defending your position. In fact, if you stand up, it is likely that you will end up receiving a personal foul, so first of all you should try to show an arduous and direct defense strategy but with a combination of passivity and also aggressiveness.

Choose well the positions of the players on the court

Not all players work the same in different positions and it is clear that a pivot is not a forward and vice versa, and therefore you must be clear about the performance in each of the positions.

  • The center is usually the tallest and strongest player on the team, and you should place him under the basket. Remember that we are going to require this player to catch all offensive rebounds and also create spaces for other attackers. He will also obviously take advantage of the defensive rebounding issue and blocking shots.
  • On the other hand, the power forward is similar in attributes to the previous one, but you must try to have greater speed and shooting skills.
  • The forward has to be specialized in various skills and have a balance of all the parameters, but above all you must try to excel in handling and passing the ball, and obviously have a good shot.
  • The shooting guard should be the fastest player on the team, and be responsible for driving the ball around the court, as well as creating offensive plays and shooting from distance.
  • Finally, the point guard can be the shortest player on the team and responsible for directing the offensive plays, helping teammates and finishing each of the movements.

Download the NBA 2K Mobile app for further customization

It is practically mandatory that you download the NBA 2K Mobile application to decide the appearance and appearance of the players.

And thanks to the application you will even be able to scan your face if you consider it appropriate. Of course, realize that the player's appearance will not change in how he will act in games. What you should look at is the position since it would alter the way you get blocks, dunks and rebounds.

Mindful of skills

When you get to the moment of the pie chart you will see that it is a breakdown of skills that will influence both the initial and maximum statistics. Note that the pie charts will be divided into different proportions such as completion in blue, shooting in green, game creation in yellow, and defense and rebound in red.

For the physical profile it is something very similar, and requires you to select a pie chart influenced by different physical attributes such as agility in purple, strength in blue or vertical in pink.

So thanks to these tips and tricks, they will come in handy before you start playing NBA 2K21, necessary to face the games well and to create your player properly. Remember that you can check the latest NBA 2K21 tips and get many benefits.

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