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Everything You Must Know About Metarun Closed Beta

When you're spending an enjoyable time with Metarun, you will always come across Metarun Closed Beta. While this game was already launched in July, it is known to be the first release of the Metarun game. Besides, the prime objective of launching Metarun Closed Beta is to test the mobile game properly and ensure that people use Metarun's native marketplace. So, in this article, we will cover more about Metarun Closed Beta. As you read ahead, you will be sure about how you can get into one of the best endless runner games.


What are the different features of Metarun Closed Beta?

When switching to Metarun Closed Beta, you must first purchase an NFT ticket. As you visit the official website of Metarun, you will come across the Golden, Silver or Bronze ticket. But, such types of tickets will only be available for purchase every Tuesday. Soon after the Closed Beta, you can exchange the NFT tickets to gain an NFT character skin in return. Once you get the playable skin, you can use it for playing post the launch of Metarun.

Under the Closed Beta, you can opt for 'The Battle Run' or the 'P2E mode'. When you choose 'The Battle Run', you will be able to outrun the opponents along with a player who is moving forward continuously. On the other hand, when you enter the 'P2E Mode', you will fight with an opponent and earn in-game currency like OPAL.

Apart from everything else, you can test the game and its key features when you plan to play the Closed Beta version. But, when you have acquired a lot of in-game currencies, you can convert it into $MRUN and withdraw it only after Closed Beta ends. After Closed Beta finishes, you will no longer be able to play any races.

How much can you earn through Metarun Closed Beta?

Before you start playing Metarun Closed Beta, you can buy any of the tickets. If you buy the Gold Ticket, you can complete 150 battles or 20 battles every day. As you continue playing the battle for 5 minutes, you will be happy that you can play for 12.5 hours. However, you can earn $18 per hour if you win a battle completely. In addition, you also get an NFT skin which you can use for Metarun after the Global Launch. Now, let's check out when you cannot earn.

If you buy a Bronze Ticket and don't play any battle, you will get zero OPAL and no Metarun Tokens ($MRUN). But, in such a case, you will still get an NFT skin which you can use while playing Metarun. Most of the time, the skin's price is as much as $50, which means that you're still in a good position.

How can you buy the tickets for Metarun Closed Beta?

Whenever you wish to purchase a ticket, you must visit and be a part of an online survey. After filling the fields, you must connect the wallet to the marketplace and choose the ticket you wish to buy. At that instance, you will have to click the 'Buy' option and patiently wait for the transaction. 

After buying the ticket, you must click on 'Join Testers' and follow the instructions to be a part of Closed Beta. Afterwards, you will have to register online and confirm your email address. Later, you will need to link the wallet to the account and sign the transaction.

Soon after you follow the above steps, you can acquire the ticket once you click on the 'Ticket' stamp. Now, you have to install the mobile game, link your email address, and get the access code for the NFT ticket. Eventually, you have to verify your email address again and start playing the game.


It's pretty simple to start playing Metarun Closed Beta. Once you get the ticket, you will have to choose a certain mode. If you plan to play 'The Battle Run', you can go beyond your opponents. But, soon after selecting the 'PvP' mode, you will be glad to earn in-game currency along the track. Apart from this, you will have to follow some simple steps to grab the ticket and start playing.

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