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Which Is the Most Popular Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game in 2021 via Google Trends?

If you have any questions, Google is your best choice. Therefore, we searched for the most searched MMORPG on Google in 2021. We want to introduce you to the most popular MMORPG. call Google the source, or more accurately, Google Trends. This makes it possible to check how often the game is searched compared to other games. It can also be seen whether interest in MMORPG has increased or decreased this year. Of course, other benchmarks can be used to discuss the actual relevance of video games. We want to refer here purely to the significance of the title to Google, and the frequency with which European and American players search for them or game-related topics. In direct comparison, Google Trends gives the average value on which this ranking is based. Therefore, it shows you the most-watched MMORPG by Google in 2021 (from January to today).

New world

Developer: Amazon Game Studio | Platform: PC | Release Date: September 28, 2021 | Model: Buy2Play

New World

New World is the newest MMORPG on this list, but it started with a big bang. More than 900,000 players wanted to play the game during the week of launch, which resulted in long queues in some cases. The new world relies on a classless class system in which you are what you are wearing now. There are 11 different weapons and three different armor levels, which you can change and improve as needed. You are roaming on the island of Aeternum, which is an open world with many things to do. In addition to 11 weapons, you can also improve your skills in 17 different occupations and life skills. If you don't want to do this now, you can always jump into the optional open-world PvP to support your faction. In the beginning, you can choose to compete for one of the three factions in different island regions. You can then help conquer these areas, then manage them and protect them from monsters. If you are fed up with all this, go and cut down the trees. When it comes to fighting, New World relies on physical management and an action fighting system with few active skills. You alternate between light punches and heavy punches, and you have to block and avoid them to survive. If you don't pay attention, the skeletons of lower level 10 will become death traps.


- Attractive, detailed optics

- Exciting combat system

- In-depth production

- Player factions make the world more vivid

- Great sound design


- Opposition

- In some places, it feels more like a single-player RPG than an MMORPG

- There are still some bugs and malfunctions in the game

- Endgame is still very thin

Why is the new world famous?

New World is not Amazon Game Studios' first game, but it is the most excited. The name Amazon itself ensures a particular relevance to Google.

In addition, MMO has just appeared, so it still attracts a lot of media attention. Only a tiny percentage of players even entered the endgame, which is why many people are eager to see what the new world will become. The New World server had many problems when it was started, and it went offline for several hours after it was created. This will cause a lot of Google traffic because people want to know when they can continue playing. This huge hype puts New World in fourth place on our list by only one percentage point.

What are the core functions?

The new world provides a series of operations, practically suitable for every player.

An action-packed combat system in which you must actively avoid and block

Visually appealing graphics in a very detailed world

Three factions focused on war

A complex economic and technological system in which settlements and factions also play a role

Open world PvP and various PvP modes

PvE content in the open world, currently in 6 different dungeons

Classless occupation system with 11 weapons

17 life skills that can disassemble and handle almost everything on Aeternum

The house also brings fun to the game, and a large amount of New World Coin is needed to support the use of the house

Who is it for?

The new world is worthwhile for everyone who wants to try MMORPGs that are not very classic. The combat system is more reminiscent of the Dark Souls than the well-known tag positioning system. If you are looking for a vivid world where players continue to create exciting scenes, then the new world is your best choice. However, if you are looking for a world boss with five skill slots, hundreds of players, and raids, then you are wrong in the new world.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Developer: ZeniMax | Platform: PC, Mac, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Google Stadia | Release Date: April 4, 2014 | Model: Buy2Play

Elder Scrolls

The Elder Scrolls Online is the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game on the podium. It tried to combine the classic experience of the Elder Scrolls series with the advantages of MMORPG, and it was very successful. Therefore, if you have been to Morrowind, Annihilation, and Skyrim, you will recognize many regions, races, and stories. ESO relies on great playful freedom and exciting stories that are the focus of action. The subscription model was initially designed for games. The developer made this option optional on March 17, 2015, and chose the Buy2Play mode for MMORPG. An optional subscription now gives you a relaxing gaming advantage. The Elder Scrolls also has an expandable world so that complete beginners can stand next to experienced veterans on the battlefield. This promotes playing together and does not separate different types of players from other MMORPGs as is customary. For some time, ESO has been one of the top MMORPGs, not only in German-speaking countries. It has been continuously expanded and improved. By 2021, it will become the most relevant one and one of the best MMORPGs.

Why is ESO popular?

This year, The Elder Scrolls Online received a lot of new content, new DLC, and a further significant expansion: Blackwood. This was only released in June and is still increasing its relevance on Google. The new DLC Deadlands also started in November.

There are also regular and fun activities to keep the game up to date, ensure that players stay active, and search for new content on Google.

BlackBlackwood'sler is also very well done so that many non-gamers are aware of the game. These factors and the overall status of ESO ensured the 3rd place on our list.


- Exciting world, fascinating story

- Visually attracted its age

- Huge differences between nations

- The combat system is rich in action and well thought out

- Helpful and friendly community


- Buy2Play plus optional subscription adds barriers for beginners

- Sometimes it doesn't feel like MMORPG

- Lidoesn'togress in character

- Some technical issues in PvP

What are the core functions?

ESO relies on a big world full of beautiful stories, but Tamriel can also be convincing in the game:

A story carefully staged in the Elder Scrolls universe

PvE elements that need and promote teamwork

Different PvP modes

Continuous expansion of account and content

There are many choices in terms of courses and races

One of the best housing systems in its class

NPC companions make it easier for single players

Who is it for?

The Elder Scrolls Online relies on an action combat system, exciting narratives and stories, and a world you can be immersed in. If you want to lose yourself in the world of MMORPG, then ESO is for you.

If you are not interested in the story's content, prefer tabbed battles, and want to get started, ESO may not be for you.

Lost Ark

Developer: Smilegate | Platform: PC | Release Date: December 4, 2018 | Model: Free2Play

Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a special place in this list because although this game is not yet available in Europe and America, it ranks 11th in Google's most relevant MMORPG.

The game was initially released in South Korea in 2018 and ran very successfully there. In South Korea, it is the most popular MMORPG on the market and the top 3 most popular online games.

MMO has also been running in Russia for some time. In early 2021, Amazon announced that Lost Ark would also appear in Europe.

The game is impressive with its successful hack & slay combat system, iso perspective, and fundamental MMORPG elements. So it makes Diablo an MMORPG. In addition, Lost Ark has 15 classes, while there are already 21 in Korea. Therefore, diversity is ensured.


- Unique combat system

- An extensive world with great diversity

- PvE and PvP players get something

- 15 courses will be released soon, and more courses will be released soon

- Visually very attractive


- Possible Pay2Win aspects

- Optional subscription system

- Long-term grinding for perfect equipment

- Communication has been unstable

Why is Lost Ark famous?

On Gamescom 2021, questions about games are so frequent that it has become a taboo word. The question here should be why Lost Ark is important in Europe and America. Because in Korea and Russia, Lost Ark has long been one of the top genre representatives in the field of MMORPG. With the title coming to Europe and the United States, and the first playable alpha will be released in June, Lost Ark has become very important to us.

What are the core functions?

Lost Ark relies on an exaggerated battle system with an MMORPG background and provides the following:

The fast-paced combat system, feels very good

Despite the ISO view and hack & slay battle, the feel of MMORPG

Grind for better gears

Many different enemy types, dungeons, and raids

Diversified PvP-Modi and PvE-Events

15 other professions from revolver shooter to magician

Who is Lost Ark suitable for?

Lost Ark attracts a wide range of target groups. If you have played enough classic MMORPG and want to try something different, or if you have always wanted to experience more MMORPG in Diablo, then this game is for you. If you can't do a lot with the ISO angle of view and Asian steampunk settings, you'd better not touch the game.

EVE Online

Developer: CCP Games | Platform: PC, Mac | Release Date: May 6, 2003 | Model: Free2Play & Pay2Play

EVE Online can be described as a sci-fi hardcore MMORPG, which provides you with a larger sandbox-the entire universe. Whether you like to act, start a war, or just want to explore space, it's up to you. You play as a so-called spaceman, a creature trained to be a perfect pilot. Therefore, you can assemble a boat for yourself. Almost everything you can think of, from small mobile hunters to gigantic battleships and massive freighters. A large part of MMORPG includes further developing your skills and expertise. You can also fully assemble your ship according to your wishes so that you can play the game exactly your way. EVE is known for its community, which repeatedly launched massive space wars involving hundreds of players and destroyed ships worth 3 million US dollars. Initially, EVE Online was a Pay2Play game, which was a monthly subscription game. At the same time, the access right of the game is Free2Play, but it can only provide you with minimal skills. Subscriptions are still available but are now more or less optional.


- Attractive graphics

- Opportunity to get advanced benefits without spending money

- Completely free space

- Active community


- More complicated for beginners

- The red line is missing due to the sandbox premise

- The subscription status is as good as possible

Why is EVE Online popular?

EVE Online only received a significant update in September. Most importantly, the entrance to the game has been modified and made more accessible. Many people who have been thinking about using EVE for a long time now have an easier time.

In addition, the great World War Bee 2 war ended in August. This lasted 55 weeks and involved more than 100,000 accounts. This caused quite a stir around MMORPG and ranked 9th on this list.

What are the core functions?

EVE Online has no choice but the ultimate space sandbox. It relies on maximum freedom and stories written by the community.

The greatest freedom you can, whatever you want

Able to act as a dealer and avoid fights altogether

Pay2Play time can also be earned with game currency

Huge community battle

Despite its age, the game looks good graphically due to frequent adjustments and improvements.

Who is suitable for?

EVE is worthy of all space enthusiasts to experience a real sandbox and hope to experience a real adventure in an endless vast space. However, this is not very interesting for players who cannot do anything with the settings or are looking for a fixed story.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

Developer: BioWare, Electronic Arts | Platform: PC | Release Date: December 20, 2011 | Model: Free2Play & Pay2Play

SWTO is an MMORPG with a long history of BioWare House. It used the Star Wars license and began operations approximately 3,000 years before the events of Part 3. After the Star Wars galaxy, it is the second MMORPG in the Star Wars universe and continues to receive updates. The last time the main extension was called Onslaught, it came to players in 2019, once again raised the highest level and continued the story. In SWTOR, you initially decide whether you want to fight for the Sith Empire or the Republic. Based on this decision, your class and your people's choices will be different. Your story will change as each class has its own story. MMORPG attaches great importance to its narrative and scores, almost entirely dubbed dialogue, and several decision-making options in the mission. It is also very suitable for single players and beginners because it is not too tricky initially. The story takes you.


- Tell exciting stories with high quality

- Almost wholly set to music

- Interesting course

- Beginner-friendly


- There are many penalties for players who don't pay

- The combat system is relatively slow

- Graphically ok, but not particularly good

SWTOR was listed on the subscription model in 2011 and then switched to the Free2Play version with an optional subscription system in November 2012. Today, MMORPG distinguishes three different types of players.

Players who play entirely for free

People who have subscribed but are currently inactive or have spent real money in the store

The person who is currently subscribed is the person who pays for the game every month.

Depending on which of these groups you belong to, you have different disadvantages. Only the group that has the current subscription activates the full scope of the game.

Why is SWTOR popular?

SWTOR has an active community that still maintains the relevance of the game. Even the name Star Wars has attracted people's attention.

MMORPG will be updated regularly, but these updates are mainly related to bug fixes and stores. The last major patch, 6.3, appeared in April, bringing a new Flashpoint and season system.

The release of the new Sith Legacy expansion pack has also significantly impacted the trend. It should appear at the end of 2021, and it will increase interest in SWTOR again.

What are the core functions?

Star Wars: The Old Republic focuses on fascinating stories to create a game suitable for beginners.

The big world in the known universe

An exciting story that focuses on two different factions

Innovative courses according to which side you choose

Regular updates and expansions

Various PvE and PvP content also excites solo players

Who is suitable for?

SWTOR is especially suitable for story games and MMORPG fans who value dubbing. Even if you like to play MMO alone and like a slow start, you have come to the right place.

If you are very annoyed by the slow combat system and generally don't like many stories and conversations, then SWTOR is not your best game.

Guild Wars 2

Developer: ArenaNet | Platform: PC | Release Date: August 28, 2012 | Model: Free2Play

Guild Wars 2 originally appeared under the title Buy2Play but was later converted to a Free2Play model. However, you have some limitations in all aspects of the game. When you purchase the two previously released expansion packs, you can unlock all the features prepared by MMORPG for you. If you want to play Guild Wars 2 for a long time, you should treat the game as a Buy2Play title. Guild Wars 2 has a dynamic combat system in which you must actively aim and avoid. It provides a vast open-world, countless side missions, and an exciting main story that can keep you busy for hundreds of hours. You can enter the world of Tyria through 9 different professions, one of which is related to expansion. As a Free2Play player, you only have 8 to choose from. In the open world, the Hertzson Mission system is imposing. After entering its radius, you will automatically accept a side mission. If you complete the task later, you will receive the reward directly in your inventory. The annoying running from task giver to task giver is almost eliminated. The dynamic events in the Guild Wars 2 map are also an essential point of the gameplay. There are events in the world, again and again. Some are random, some are planned, and you have to master them in a few steps. These sometimes even significantly change the environment, and their results determine the map's background over some time.


- Attractive graphics, especially in add-ons

- Innovate courses through elite specialization systems

- Especially suitable for beginners

- Diverse nations and exciting history


- Not Free2Play, because without extension, you will quickly stagnate

- No need to worry about better equipment, because you can get the best equipment quickly

- Anyone who has played hundreds of hours of existing content will not bring new content

Why did Guild Wars 2 be favored by players?

The story of Guild Wars 2 has continued for years. The so-called world of life has joined between the two significant expansions of Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire. She tells stories in shorter episodes, brings new areas to MMORPG, and ensures a stable new content generation. Until this year, the level of Eisbrut Saga did not end. Originally announced as 2021 but now postponed to February 2022, the upcoming End of Dragons expansion has aroused a lot of interest, and you can also see it on Google. Guild Wars 2 ranked 5th on the list, and only a little fell to 4th.

What are the core functions?

Guild Wars 2 relies on an exciting story, an open world that remains exciting due to events, and its unique WvW mode.

Open world, many areas worth exploring

Raids and dungeon-like fractals in PvE endgames with up to 10 players

Different PvP modes

Unique WvW mode, in which three servers compete against each other in a 7-day competition. Here, hundreds of players meet regularly in battle.

Exciting curriculum system, including nine basic courses and three specialization options for the upcoming Dragon's End

Smooth combat system between tag positioning and action combat

The well-made mount is unparalleled in the genre

Who is it for?

Guild Wars 2 is worthwhile for MMORPG beginners and players who value good stories and like to explore the world. Fans of large-scale PvP battles will also be worth their money here.

Keep your hands away from Guild Wars 2 should be open-world PvP fans who are challenging to explore or like to adjust their equipment.

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