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Mobile Slots vs classic Desktop Slots

If you cast your mind back to when slots games made the transition to the digital world in the mid-1990s, mobile phones were nowhere near advanced enough for gamblers to log in and play on them. The only way to play the new phenomenon of “online slots” was on a desktop computer.

However, mobile phones are possibly the fastest developing piece of technological kit available, and now, we can do almost anything we want on a mobile phone. They’ve made watches, landlines, calculators, and cameras obsolete. Plus, we can now play mobile casino slots on them too.

Although the vast majority of people now play online slots on their mobiles, some still prefer the classic desktop option. But what are the pros and cons of both?

Advantages of mobile slots

The biggest advantage mobile slots have over desktop slots is convenience. Players can play slots games wherever they are – on a train, in an airport, at the dentist, just anywhere. You don’t need to be at home and fire up the computer. It’s the immediacy of being able to play in pretty much any location that people love.

Disadvantages of mobile slots

Are there any? Well, mobile phones do have much smaller screens than desktop computers. Even though the graphics and animations are excellent on mobile phones, you may find the bigger screen of your desktop computer more comfortable.

Secondly, batteries in mobile phones are notoriously quick to run flat. Playing slots games can drain the battery pretty quickly too. If you’re on a flight trying to pass the time, you’ll need your charger to hand, and don’t even get me started on the length of phone charger cables.

What’s more, the UK isn’t known for its flawless internet connection when you’re out and about. Mobile phones can sometimes have connection problems, even in the middle of large cities. Plus, using mobile data is not normally as fast as using your router at home.

Advantages of desktop slots

As mobile phones can be played from the comfort of your own home too, the only real advantage of playing slots games on your desktop computer is that you have a bigger screen. This may add to the vibe of playing.

Others may simply find using a mouse easier to control than using fingers on a small screen.

Disadvantages of desktop slots

To play slots on a desktop, you’ll need to invest in a computer first. Fewer and fewer and people see the benefits of owning a desktop nowadays as mobiles and laptops seem to cover our needs while keeping us mobile.

For generations that have grown up without being so reliant on mobile phones, the desktop may seem the more comfortable choice, but you clearly can’t take it around with you should you wish to play some slots on a train journey. You play at home, or you don’t play at all.

So which is better?

The debate is too subjective to come up with a definitive answer as to which is better. Some will prefer desktop computers, but I suspect most will prefer mobiles.

If you don’t mind a small screen, mobile slots are definitely for you. If you’re uncomfortable using your fingers and aren’t interested in upgrading your mobile phone to stay up to date, stick to your desktop computer.

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