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Smart Players Gamble, Wise Players Strategize:
A Meeting with Milan Rabszski

Milan Rabszski, a household name for gambling enthusiasts, walks into a meeting with casino players on a crisp Krakow morning. His agenda for the day? To explain and expand on casino game strategies and help new players grasp the nuances of the industry.

Poland, in the last decade, has seen a surge in online casino players. This comes as no surprise to Milan. When a governing body tries to set strict boundaries, the people will find a way around them. Polish players are no different, and Milan could not be more proud of his people.

Lisa Maccaferri, a journalist from GioccoNews who sits among the audience, has front row seats to Milan’s meeting. Let’s find out what she has to say about Milan’s take on Kasyno Live Online.

Traditional Casino Experiences

Milan has been in the industry for a long time. He has extensive experience playing in traditional casinos in Poland and across the globe. “Offline casinos have a charm that no amount of technology can replicate online,'' says Milan.

It isn’t like Mario Kart, where you know the start-up music by heart! Moreover, if a cute person smiles at you, chances are you will fumble at a physical table, unlike if you were online.” winks Milan to an audience member.

Milan recalls his experience in Atlantic City, USA, when he had been at a slot machine for so long that concerned employees checked up on him to make sure he had enough water and food! “Now, had I been at home, my brother would just throw stuff at me to get me off the computer!” he laughs.

Of course, it has its drawbacks; you may get swindled easily, offline casinos don’t offer bonuses, and Pyszne or Wolt may refuse to deliver your Pierogi to you in a casino. “You can read all about my personal experiences in the USA, Italy, and everywhere else on our website! It is a platform by Poles for Poles like you, so you may find something interesting!” suggests Milan.

What Does the Audience Want to Know?

Milan Rabszski and his love for social interaction go hand in hand. He loves answering questions, and the audience seemed to have them in abundance.

Mr. Rabszski, is it wise to choose a live casino for gambling entertainment for beginners?

Interesting question, Ms. Maccaferri; you see, that would be like learning to swim in an Olympic size swimming pool without a floating aid. Not that you won’t succeed, but there are many risks involved”, says Milan.

Offline casinos are a good place to start as they are relatively low risk. But they are the trickiest in the sense that you will have to gamble, interact with the dealer, and keep your emotions in check, which is difficult for a novice. Then again, online casinos offer demo games for players who don’t want to invest money yet but are eager to experience the glamor of gambling emotions in a cozy chair.

Milan strongly suggests starting out with online casinos as they not only allow you to play for free but also provide an extensive array of games for players to choose from. Offline casinos cannot physically store so many slot machines, and you can only play so many games with a live dealer. Most beginners, about 80% according to TopKasynoOnline data, reach for the slot machines, and it is a brilliant strategy!

"Milan, what do you recommend to beginners?" asked a voice from the audience.

“Gambling requires a lot of mathematical skills; slot machines are a great way to get one’s mind accustomed to all the numbers.”, suggests Milan. When players first enter a casino, they are baffled by the color schemes, the machine noises, and the random cheers from the roulette table. It is easy to spot the first timer as they take time to find their voice. Players’ advantage in this situation would be if they knew the games well that they intend to play.

“Having said that, I do not want to discourage anyone if they want to play live games,” says Milan. Blackjack dealers aren’t more attractive than the others, nor are roulette dealers more friendly. They’re all there to do their job, and their job is to work for the casino. So, your choice to make here is the game. Which game are you an expert in?

Pick a game you can play even in your sleep, and your confidence levels will skyrocket. Strategize as you would in a regular casino game and make sure your appearance is formal. “If you can pull these off, who am I to say it is unwise for beginners to play live?” laughs Milan.

“Sir, according to you, what would happen if a novice started playing live?”

“From my experience, it has never ended well for the player,” began Milan. Milan recalls a friend who decided one day that he would try his hand at gambling. Instead of taking baby steps, he plunged into live games. For starters, he had just learned to play the game, while dealers use a lot of strategies to make sure newbies don’t win too much from the casino.

Not knowing this, Milan’s friend had eventually bet too high after a few lucky streaks and fell right into the dealer’s trap. “As they say, Nosił wilk razy kilka ponieśli i wilka.”, shrugs Milan.

“So, you don’t think it is possible to play live without strategy?”

“Is it possible? Maybe. There may be a small chance, and I will have to admit that, as a mathematics enthusiast,” smiles Milan. But is it advised? He says no, nodding his head. His logic is simple. If you have a strategy or two in place, it means you know the game enough to sketch yourself a win and that you have a gray cell arsenal that will get you out of tricky situations and possibly bankruptcy.

Wrapping Up

The meeting comes to an end after Milan has answered most questions, and the audience is finally satisfied. The editor-in-chief can be reached at the TopKasynoOnline office on Złota 59, 00-120 Warsaw, call +48 22 595 14 00, or email him at Listen to his podcast where he talks about everything gambling-related, including the popular payment methods in Poland at the time of writing, in April 2022: Blik, Przelewy24, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Ecopayz. 

On the date of issue (April 2022): Unfortunately, gambling is illegal in Poland, so the content in this article is used only for informational purposes and is available to users outside of Poland.

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