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Recent Market Outlook of
Australia Online Gambling

In Australia, online gambling has appeared quite suddenly, due to the growing interest in casinos. How do we know it? Well, this has been identified by the sum of money spent on Australians. Each local player spends $1,300 on gambling every year. Almost 7 million Australians spend money on one type of gambling every month.

What does an average AU gambler look like? He is a man in his 30s or 40s. His annual income is $100 thousand. Although there are also female gamblers, their number is considerably lower.

Top New Casinos by Gifts have stopped being something unusual. You can monitor all of them at AussieOnlineCasino. Now, let’s see how the situation in the Australian gambling market is changing.

Imposing the restrictions

In 2012, gambling operators spent $45 million on distributing their goods and services. In 2014, this number increased to $147 million. Due to the possibly serious risks, the Australian government decided to impose strict restrictions to keep the industry under control. In 2015, live betting was the first to be banned. According to the regulator, this type of rate leaves a lot of space for tax evasion. Meanwhile, budget revenues from the taxation of the gambling industry keep being a serious part of the national income.

In 2017 the Australian Senate introduced a bill to ban iGaming. It states that companies would gain access to the local market only after obtaining a license issued by the local regulator. But the necessary licensing works did not yet exist at the time of the bill introduction. Weird, isn’t it?!

How to get an online casino license in Australia

Australian authorities have a great number of requirements for those wishing to get a local license. Through the cooperation with local law enforcement agencies and the security of financial transactions to employee accreditation, the government monitors the AU gambling market thoroughly.

Obtaining a local license is incredibly hard. So, many players still decide to refer to offshore gambling sites.

Fight against gambling addiction

In Australia, conditions for players are constantly tightened. Starting in 2017, everyone deciding to play a slot machine in a pub or bar must first prove their identity. In 2019, a separate legislative law was approved to combat gambling addiction. Under this initiative, Australia is planning to establish a National Self-Exclusion Register for individuals at risk of gambling addiction. Moreover, the Australian Banking Association is planning to forbid the use of local bank credit cards to fund deposits on gambling resources.

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Market outlook

Despite imposed restrictions, the illegal gambling market in Australia keeps expanding drastically. According to specialists, it reached $1.4 billion in 2020. Meanwhile, the national budget loses more than $300 million annually. Most of these illegal bets go to offshore bookies.


Australia is an undeniably attractive market for online gambling. The local players with high income like using the web and mobile applications with Australian online casinos. But you won’t escape a dilemma. If you work in this market legally, you will have lower casino options to choose from. If you work in the market illegally, you won’t be protected by the country in the case of fraud or unfair treatment. Let’s see what the future will bring us!

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