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Lucky Numbers in Gambling

Gamblers are pretty superstitious, so they are constantly looking for lucky numbers. But, of course, we are talking about those values that promise success when choosing lotteries, roulette, and other types of entertainment. Although some gamers are skeptical about luck and similar manifestations, the fact that some values fall out more often than others cannot be denied. That is why most visitors to casinos believe in the magic numbers. Read below what principles gamblers are guided by when choosing specific values during the game.

Memorable Dates

The closest number to each person is their date of birth. Gamblers give it a unique power and use it for betting at the first opportunity. It is most often relevant for lottery and roulette marks. Users choose numbers (both day and year of birth) depending on the required number.

Lucky numbers often refer to more than just the players themselves. They include the birthdates of children, spouses, and famous personalities. On the one hand, such an approach allows the gambler not to be confused when betting. But on the other hand, some users have too high expectations for the method.

But there are situations when using numbers by date of birth has brought excellent results. For example, an American couple won the lottery Cash5 by crossing out specific values. However, when looking at it, it was clear that the date of birth of Barack Obama was taken as the basis.

Once the lucky number has been determined, it is easier for gamers to move on to betting. Thanks to the development of Internet technology, everyone has access to online casinos. Now the game is offered in any convenient location, which allows you to have a great time.

You can enter the virtual room from your computer or mobile device. The main thing is to have a stable connection to the Internet. It is recommended to go to the German casino online, select the desired slot and make a bet. The virtual room provides a free mode if you are not confident in success. With its help, you can assess how profitable the method of using lucky numbers is. In this case, demo credits are used for betting, eliminating the risk of losing money.


Some gamblers turn to numerology to determine their lucky number and make the right bet. In addition, it allows them to gain confidence in winning when playing for money. Numerologists offer several ways to determine your lucky number.

Lucky Numbers in Gambling

The first option is to analyze your own name. The idea is that each letter corresponds to a certain number. It is necessary to write out all the values and then add them. A resulting sum is a lucky number.

The second option is the analysis of the date of birth. It is pretty simple. To identify a lucky number, add up the numbers relating to the day, month, and year you were born. For example, December 5, 1990, is shown as 05.12.1990. Accordingly, the mathematical model will look as follows: 0+5+1+2+1+9+9+0=27. When you get a two-digit result, you need to do another addition: 2+7=9.


Astrology is a fascinating science that studies celestial objects and allows gamblers to find their number. Each person is under the patronage of a particular planet, which affects his life and activities. The calculation is made according to the date of birth.

If the gambler is favored by the Sun, his lucky number is 1. The following number 2 will help those born under the sign of the Moon. Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are 3, 4, and 5, respectively. Venus, Mercury, and Uranus are 6, 7, and 8. Neptune is characterized by 9, and Pluto is 0 or 10.

Horoscopes for Zodiac Signs

Astrologers often make natal charts that contain almost all the information about a person. But they've gone even further. Now every user can get an individual horoscope for the gambling segment. It reflects the lucky numbers for a particular zodiac sign. And if a person believes in it, the information will be an excellent opportunity for him to determine the numbers for betting.


The dream of every gambler is successful bets that will bring huge profits. Moreover, many casino visitors are lost in those entertainments where it is necessary to specify the numbers to win (lottery, roulette). They do not know what value to choose for the bet to affect the result positively. In such cases, the definition of a lucky number will help you to use one of the convenient ways, for example, with the help of astrology, numerology, and other techniques.

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