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Is There a Link Between Luck, Spirituality
and Online Gambling?

Online Gambling

Of course, online casino gambling is all about the free spins, big wins, the non-stop action, thrills, great games, bonuses and so much more. But did you know it is often associated with spirituality, karma and luck?

Well, if you didn’t, now you know. In the post, we’re going to give you a complete overview of how certain rituals and well-known superstitions can boost your gambling luck.

An Overview of the Online Casino World

There’s no doubt that the online casino industry has made a significant impact on the world. This can be seen in the employment rates, revenues and high conversions. Of course, casino enthusiast play an important role in all this. Thanks to their interest in this ever-growing industry, the online casino world is worth billions nowadays.

Just by looking at affiliate sites such as, you are instantly spoiled for choice. With so many leading gaming giants to choose from, you are guaranteed a gaming experience that exceeds all expectations every single time. You can place your bets on world-class games from leading providers, you can win the biggest bonuses and best of all, the whole experience in its entirety is simply second to none. What’s not to like?

And on that note, it’s now time to focus on what you’re actually here for – the link between luck and online gambling. Can you really improve your chances with some lucky numbers, charms or rituals?
Some may think all this is load of hogwash, whilst others really do believe that the odds will be swayed in their favour.

And on that note, here are the most common lucky elements and practices that are generally associated with online gambling. At a later section of this guide, we will also outline some elements that are often associated with bad luck. Ready to learn more? Just keep reading!

Lucky Charms and Lucky Numbers

Let’s start off with lucky charms. You can never go wrong with those bad boys, right? Lots of people from all over the world rely on them for an extra dose of luck. Of course, gamblers are no exception. In fact, here are some common lucky charms that may be swaying the odds in their favour!

Four-Leaved Clover

Up first we’ve got the classic four-leaved clover, often associated with the luck of the Irish. Some people believe that they can better their chances of winning. But, what’s the connection here? Legend has it that this is linked to Eve – the first woman created by God according to some religions. According to mythology, Even left the Garden of Eden with a four-leaved clover in her hand.

Being so rare, other people just believe that they’re great lucky charms due to their good energy. The four leaves represent love, hope, faith – and you guessed it; luck. We have one thing to say to our esteemed online casino gamblers – may the luck of the Irish be with you!

Lucky 7s

Lots of people like 7 as a number for a number of reasons. It is known for its religious significance and as an integer sequence in the mathematical world. On top of that it is also linked to other aspects such as the seven continents, seven days, seven wonders of the world and so on.

Since we’re talking about luck in gambling here, its significance is also very present within the online gambling community. In fact, if you manage to a winning combination of 3 sevens whilst spinning some slot reels, you can walk away with a record breaking payout!

Lucky Number 102

Polish gamblers have their own lucky number. In this case, they really believe that number 102 is especially lucky. We’re not exactly why Polish gamblers love this number so much, but it seems to work for some of them.

Besides placing bets on this number whenever the opportunity comes your way, you can also use it as a lucky charm or to describe something positive with it like so: ‘Będzie impreza na sto dwa!’– ‘It’s going to be a 102 party!’

Some people believe that this is associated with a handful of Polish superstitions, but hey if it works for you, no one’s stopping you.

Spiritual Rituals

Alongside lucky charms, some casino enthusiast believe in the importance of spiritual rituals. You’ll soon seen that most of these rituals linked to their traditions and culture. Without further ado, here they are below!

Crossing Fingers

We’re not completely how the act of crossing fingers came about, but there are a few theories that can give us some insights. Some people believe that is roots can be traced to the medieval practice of making the sign of a cross. At the time, people did this to protect themselves from witches and other supernatural forces. Others believe that its linked to the pagan belief where the cross represents a force that helps people get their wishes granted.

As you already know, we cross fingers nowadays to hope for the best. Gambling is no exception; so just before you spin the reels or roll the dice, just cross your fingers quickly! If you’re lucky enough you may walk away with some big wins.

Blowing on Dice

Although this practice is more common with board games and land-based venues, it’s still a trick that can come in handy. Prior to rolling the dice, some people like blowing on it for some extra luck. This can be seen in several movie blockbusters where gamblers only raise the stakes after their partners blow on the dice.

Again, we cannot trace its origins but, it seems like there are some theories. Some believe that its linked to the ancient method of keeping the dice clean when people used to engage in street games. The other theory is linked to applying some sort of sticky element to a part of dice that is triggered before someone blows on it.

Wearing Red Clothes

Did you know that wearing red may also improve your chancing of hitting the jackpot? According to ancient Chinese traditions, the colour red is strongly associate to joy, wealth and luck. Gradually, this practice also found its way within the gambling industry.

Things that Bring Bad Luck

We’re now going to look at the other side of the spectrum. In this respect, we’re going to focus on some aspects that are widely thought to bring bad luck to your gaming experience. In other words, if you rely on lucky numbers, rituals and so on, AVOID doing the following things:

Counting Money at the Table

Many believe that counting your money whilst you’re still at the gambling table brings serious bad luck. Apparently, this all stems from the saying: Pride comes before a fall. Alongside the bad luck aspect, some people think it’s very rude to count your earnings whilst you’re still playing.

Crossing Legs

Whilst crossing fingers is associated with good luck, crossing legs is another story. In fact, lots of people believe that crossing legs brings bad luck to once gaming experience. If you’re not into superstitions, one is advised not to cross one’s legs, to maintain a stable position for your back and your pelvis.

50 Bucks Bills

Some gamblers avoid placing $50 dollar bills at all costs as they are also associated with bad luck. Thus, this should be avoided at all costs. You’ll also find players who even reject payments made in 450! Apparently, this superstitious belief is linked to whenmobs dominated Las Vegas. Rumour has it that gangsters buried victims in the desert with $50 bills in their pockets.

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