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Different Lego Sets that Needs to Buy

lego sets yo buy

The mini packs of lego sets with few hundred pieces to a themed collection of lego have thousands of lego bricks and accessories to make unique MOCs. You can also combine several sets of lego to create a powerful display of creativity. The lego designers are creating new patterns and for your own LEGO creative designs.

Here is a list of different huge-sized lego sets that you need to buy:

1. Lego old Trafford:

Soccer is among the most popular game globally. Soccer fans love to attend stadium matches instead of watching on TV. Therefore, soccer events are no less than a festival. Whether it's a local match or international, the spectators love to attend the live matches. A stadium is a sacred place for sporty kinds of people.

The lego old Trafford, the manchester united, contains fine historical details and is one of the biggest sets. The smooth pitch and seating balconies make the group engaging and enjoyable. Although the size is 600th times smaller yet, it contains 3898 pieces with zero minifigures.

2. The lego batman movie:

The lego batman; joker manor contains 3444 pieces and ten minifigures that imitate the movie's original characters. The joker manor is the most extensive superhero set till now.

The trapdoor, slide, joker head punching boxing gloves, giant eye towers, and rotating sign "the joker" is a perfect replica of the batman movie.

The size is not very big however impressively accommodative for minifigures. The joker manor's final height is 21 inches, the width is 25 inches, and 10 inches deep.

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3. Lego Eiffel Tower:

The lego Eiffel tower is a fantastic replica of the landmark. It contains 3428 pieces and has a length of 48 inches. Although the size makes it difficult to transport the lego Eiffel tower yet, you can split the tower into three portions for easy movements.

The initial rate was relatively low, but now, with Lego, Lamborghini dictates the price of other big sets. The recent price on eBay is impressively higher than before.

4. Lego Art; Warhol's Marilyn Monroe:

Lego sets and designers transform the sketching art into lego patterns. The pattern with studs of natural art turns lego Lamborghini into artistic tools. Lego art is becoming popular among lego designers. The set contains 3341 pieces and needs no Minifigure like light kit for lego Lamborghini.

5. Lego Batmobile:

The lego bat mobile is also a tribute to the batman movie and is equally famous among Batman fans. The lego bat mobiles massive size with a considerate number of pieces makes it easy to assemble and disassemble.

The lego bat mobile has several standard features with the original batman movie mobile like slide open, hidden machine guns, cockpit, turbine, exhaust, pop-up functions, and grappling hooks.

Furthermore, the rotating stand displays the bat mobile from all directions conveniently. It contains 3306 pieces and has three minifigures, including a mini-batman.

6. Lego Grand Carousel:

The sets contain 3263 pieces with nine minifigures to install in the swings. The collection is a dream gift for little girls and even adults as you can recall the memories of merry-go-round from your childhood.

The carousel rotates, and background music gives you the illusion of fairy tales. The impressive details beauty in the colors and patterns makes it one of the most desired legos set for lego lovers.

7. Lego Statue of Liberty:

Having a mini-version of famous landmarks, isn't it exciting? The Americans love to have patriotic decorations, and therefore, a lego set of statues of liberty is proof of loyalty.

Moreover, the fine details with the easy and quick installation make it famous among new lego nigh collectors. The set contains 2882 pieces and has no minifigures. The paler green color help is creating a realistic effect on the liberty lady with the yellow torch.

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