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Leaks for NBA 2K22 Build System and Versions

Over the past months, there is a ton of rumors about NBA 2K22, involving MyTEAM, MyCAREER, The City, the build system and more. The expectation of players is that the game is going to be improved and changed, especially compared to 2K21. When we are getting closer to the launch of NBA 2K22 on all platforms, PS4/5, Xbox One/Series X|S, Switch, and PC, lots of features and information have been confirmed. Before the beginning of the game, you can stock some cheap NBA 2K22 MT for better preparation.

NBA 2K22

There's going to be a ton of rumors and leaked confirmed gameplay just like every single year, in the summer when in reality it's just someone using PC mods right like there's going to be a million videos out about that but these two rumors. Let’s start with the most obvious one and it's like this basically it's confirmed, there's gonna be a build system for NBA 2K22. If you were to create a player that's a 99 overall back in like 2K13, there were no such things as archetypes there was no such thing as a build you could create a 99 overall center back in the day and have like 99 speed on him, it was just absolutely absurd or at least close to it, just keep that in mind basically there's going to be a build system. VC can be used in the build system, while NBA MT can’t.

There's no overpowered build because in 2K21 next gen, most of you know that six foot seven power forwards were able to essentially do anything and everything that you could want a player to do, they got ankle breaker, quick first step on hall of fame and if you made it right, you could also get hall of fame intimidator, gold pickpocket, gold range extender, and your build will have like a 95 driving dunk, 94 3 PT, etc. Paint beasts are essentially running the park, those two builds are the meta build, sometimes there's a lockdown defender, in the mix there and there's just simply no variety in that department, it's pretty safe to say 2K21 both on current and next gen they need some tweaking for 2K22 to be great. NBA 2K22's current-gen MyPLAYER builder mechanism will very certainly be identical to last year's. Due to the fact that 2K did not provide us with a prelude, they did not want to repeat the same prelude three times in a row. NBA 2K22's current gen meta builds are reverting to defensive builds. The finishing build is the construct that will be nerfed in 2K22, as slashing and contact dunking have become exceedingly easy in recent years. When it comes to the current-gen building system, 2K may provide a new pie chart, as they did in 2K20 and 2K21.

A lot of people believe that if there are two versions of NBA 2K22, it will ruin the community once again. However, there has been confirmation that there will be two separate games for NBA 2K22 on both current and next gen, and there are a lot of different sources, so it is hard to say which is correct at this point in time. But even if you weren't looking at sources even if you didn't do some digging in some research, you could actually recall back when NBA 2k14 came out on the quote-unquote current gen consoles that being the Xbox one and the Playstation 4, back in NBA 2k14 there were two separate versions of the game and then even when 2K15 came out which is a very similar and parallel stage from the transition that we're gonna have, where we have 2K21 different games on both current and next-gen and then 2K22 is about to come out. If you couldn't afford NBA 2K22 MT Xbox one or a Playstation 4 back in the day you were stuck with a different version of NBA 2K 14 and 15 and it played just like the previous versions of the game, but if you had a next-gen console, you had a completely different version of the game for 2K22.They're only coming out with innovations on the next generation consoles, anything about the city or the neighborhood yet maybe they just keep the 2K beach running, nobody can really get their hands on a next-gen console because of everything that's been going on in the world people just haven't been able to get their hands on it due to supply and demand.

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