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League Of Legends – Some Interesting Features You Should Know

League of Legends is one of the popular online games in the world. With millions of players globally, the game has continued to progress and expand. As a new player or even a seasoned one, there are some exciting features of the game that you might not be aware of.

From the champions to the game modes to the skins and much more, here you will be notified about the most exciting features of League of Legends. You can get all the essential information about the League of Legends account by visiting

Mastery Point Counter Flair

The mastery point counter-flair is about giving the players more fun in the mastery shows. The feature shows the champion's power, and the game could be more enjoyable with such a fantastic feature.

Animated Icons

Animation is the best thing about any online game, and using advanced animations would be more fun. League of Legends uses cool pictures, including Grave-sucking cigars, Neeko, Zed, etc. Such kind of vivid pictures makes the game much better for regular players.

Free Promo Dodge

Free promo dodge is a somewhat difficult feature to put in the game. However, the users would be safe during the ranking. Sometimes they are defeated intentionally by their team, which can get an advantage from such a complicated feature.

Account Swapping

Account swapping is one of the amazing things for riot games. With the help of this feature, the players can also go to another server to communicate with them. Riot games would get more advantages from this feature.


You will find another interesting feature in which the chats can be banned, making the game more comfortable. Also, there are trash talks in the chats, which are responsible for creating annoying situations. You will have the option of turning off the chat options and can enjoy the game in a much better way.

Sounds And Visuals

The visuals and sounds feature of the game is highly attractive and fantastic, which makes the game more pleasurable. The game includes high-quality visuals and sounds to make the players stick to the game and increase their winnings.


LoL is a massively multiplayer online game that has been around for over a decade and is always changing. The above-mentioned highlighted game features make it unique and fun to play. Whether you are new to the game or have been a long-time player, you have found new insights into LoL.

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