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Real Insider Tips for Betting Basketball

Doc’s Sports Service

Basketball betting is one of the best ways to profit in the sports betting industry. Not everyone can be successful at it, however. In fact, most bettors aren’t. For long-term bettors, about 5 percent make a profit over the course of many bets. Anyone can hit a seven-team parlay on any given weekend for a big profit. But at Doc’s Sports Service, we are in for the long haul, and our handicappers make money year after year betting basketball.

There are all sorts of ways to wager on hoops. You have the NBA and college basketball, the most popular basketball wagering sports with American bettors. WNBA has become more popular in recent years as sharp bettors can really hone in on betting trends for a league that doesn’t move the needle too much for bookies (thus, they spend much less time on setting the lines because of low betting handle). International basketball is also becoming more popular with bettors as many leagues across the globe offer a high-quality product.

At Doc’s Sports Service, we have been handicapping basketball for nearly five decades. We have 12 of the nation’s best handicappers that offer predictions on our Web site, and basketball season is always something we look forward to – as do our clients – as we have a great track record of success over the years.

But basketball betting is not easy. The NBA is considered one of the most challenging sports to handicap successfully. College basketball has so many teams, and so many games, that daily handicapping can become overwhelming. While the WNBA and international hoops offer great opportunities, the general public is not very familiar with the leagues and players and jumping into these markets headfirst can result in a steep learning curve.

Not everyone likes to so the homework and handicapping for basketball betting on their own. Some like to procure the service of experts like Doc’s Sports Service, with nearly five decades in the industry, to do all the “heavy lifting” and homework for them. Our handicappers are all full-time experts and have the time and skills needed to successfully research the games and give the client the best chance for long-term profit for NBA picks and college basketball picks. For those that want to do the work on their own, here are some Basketball Betting Insider Tips:

1) Research, Research, Research

Research is the key to successful handicapping in any sport, and basketball betting is no different. While the NBA gets a lot of press and information is readily available on all teams, and the same goes for the marquee teams for college hoops, smaller college programs and WNBA and international basketball require more digging for information. But it is out there on the Internet, and Google is your friend as even the smallest colleges that field teams have beat writers and provide analysis to the fans. Do you think the bookies are doing a deep dive into researching the Grand Canyon Antelopes basketball squad from the Western Athletic Conference? They probably know more about this team than the average sports fan. However, if you spend some time to do the research, you can be one step ahead of the oddsmakers, who don’t have the proper time to research each and every team and matchup.

2) The Lower the Handle, the Better the Betting Opportunity

The last point takes us into our next point. The less money that is bet on a particular sport or matchup, the less time the oddsmakers take to set a solid line. Therefore, there are some great opportunities out there for bettors willing to put in the work. Even in the NBA, for example, you are likely to get a line with more value for a game with small-market teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Orlando Magic as opposed to a marquee matchup like LA Lakers vs. LA Clippers. Bookies know they have to set a good line for the big games that will bring in a lot of betting handle. For college basketball betting, most successful handicappers focus a lot on the smaller conferences. Becoming an expert in Sun Belt Conference basketball will probably yield greater long-term profits than focusing on the Big Ten, for example. Also, totals betting is not nearly as popular as ATS betting, so there can be some great chances for profit for those that like to specialize in the totals market. WNBA and international hoops definably fall into this specialization category where a bettor can gain a step on the oddsmakers with some time invested in research.

3) Always Bet the Best Numbers

If you are serious about sports betting, it’s crucial to have a number of “outs,” or different options with which to place your wagers. Getting the best number is so crucial to long-term profits. All sharp bettors have a handful of places they bet, and they always shop around to get the best number on a matchup.

Sportsbooks set lines and move them according to different criteria. Some sportsbooks have a client base of mostly square, or inexperienced, bettors, so they will overvalue favorites for ATS odds and “overs” for totals odds. Sportsbooks that have many sharp clients will protect themselves from that action by making underdogs less attractive. Basketball odds are volatile. One book may move their line as a result of a max wager, while another may stand pat at their original line.

Therefore, it really pays to shop around and get the best number on a game. We use at least five sportsbooks for our wagers. And on most basketball games we are able to get anywhere from a half-point to a full point better odds by using that many sportsbooks. And if you have 5-10 games over the course of the season where shopping for a better line results in a push rather than a loss or a win rather than a push, that is going to make a huge difference for your bottom line.

4) If All Else Fails, Consult with the Experts

At Doc’s Sports, we have been handicapping basketball games since the early 1970s. We have a team of experts that studies the games thoroughly every day and watches many contests daily. Most people don’t have the time to devote many hours in a day, every day, throughout a basketball season to handicapping. And most don’t have the knowledge of analytics, motivational factors, and oddsmaker biases that go into long-term success for basketball betting. Doc’s handicappers live and breathe basketball betting, and they have the experience and know-how for long-term success. Doc’s offers a variety of affordable packages for basketball predictions that can fit any budget. Sometimes it’s easier to consult the experts, sit back, enjoy the games, and reap the rewards of Doc’s hard work.

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