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Innovations in Gambling in 2022

An online conference was held at the end of 2021 to discuss the outlook for the gambling market, given the current epidemiological situation around the world. A priority issue was the difficulties in communication between significant partners in the gambling entertainment industry. As a result, it has become more difficult for companies to establish contacts and, therefore, the rules of cooperation should be reconsidered. 

We talk in this article about what innovative strategies have revolutionized the gambling market of online casinos 2022 and what can be expected shortly.

Innovations of a modern casino

Among the most notable inventions, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern gambling club, it is worth mentioning such:

  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • augmented reality;
  • blockchain;
  • club cards.

Innovations that change the familiar image of gambling establishments

The introduction of new IT solutions in the gambling industry allows the business to provide a more comfortable environment for players and stand out against other institutions' backgrounds. 

For example, operators are actively using RFID technology. This strategy ensures the identification of objects with the help of radio signals. They are fed by chips installed in the chips. The system helps to study the game's process, monitor the behavior of participants, determine the location of the chip, and turn it off if it is lost.

The casinos that comply with the principles of responsible gambling use a system of facial recognition and identification. Thus institutions are protected from cheaters, do not allow minors and people prone to addiction to cheat in the halls.

Web-sites introduce chatbots and special applications with the help of which it is possible, for example, to book a table, make bets, solve technical questions. Gamification technology creates more interactive opportunities; thanks to it, bonus rounds, quests, and tournaments appear in gambling games. The development of three-dimensional graphics has led to 3D slots and table games.

Experts believe that the next breakthrough in the gambling industry will be associated with 5G-internet, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, the emergence of new types of mobile applications for gamblers. Whether this is the case, time will tell. However, given the rapid pace of development, we will not have to wait long.

Mobile gambling

Given that it is difficult to find a person who does not have a smartphone in today's world, mobile gambling continues to develop rapidly.

Innovative technologies play a crucial role in its development. From an ordinary means of communication, the phone has turned into a proper gadget with a variety of functions, one of which is access to online gambling entertainment. And the expansion of Internet coverage has allowed playing almost anywhere. Therefore, the popularity of platforms that offer mobile access to entertainment is constantly growing.

The palm in this segment belongs to sports betting. Online casinos take second place, which, according to analysts, is mainly due to the abundance of available slots of various types, as well as attractive bonus programs. 

Gambling and economy

Experts increasingly say that legalized gambling can become a significant catalyst for the economy. However, the emergence of new gambling platforms is only possible by consolidating the efforts of developers, programmers, IT architects, testers, web designers, and marketers.

A promising area, which is quite logical, is the introduction of VR in video games using a special helmet. Several well-known companies, including Microgaming and NetEnd, are working to create a realistic virtual gambling club.

Artificial intelligence technology is also having a dramatic impact on online gambling. It brings us closer to interactive entertainment with complete immersion. It will be possible to interact realistically with the world that AI has created.

Machine learning creates the possibility of using chatbots on the site. Robots act as an intermediary between the company's online platform and the service user: they do newsletters, play poker, answer gamblers' questions, and provide technical support.

The revolution in gambling is predicted to be 5G technology, 3D slots and table games, and mobile gambling applications.

The future of casinos after the COVID-19 pandemic

Experts agree that the coming years will bring the trend to online casinos, reducing the relevance of land-based clubs. Although the sites of establishments will increase in popularity, after the risk of coronavirus infection is reduced, the gambling market will gradually return to the usual course. 

Major brands with an established audience will actively use the period from 2021 to 2023. How the arising competition will affect the players themselves according to experts' estimates:

  • Registration bonuses, cashback, and other promotional offers will become more profitable. Online casinos will actively use incentives to attract new users.
  • Expansion of virtual halls will bring more slot machines, live games, and other gambling content.
  • The frequency of tournaments will increase. The growth of the audience contributes to improving the interaction because it is the primary tool for keeping the interest in the game.

Club cards

For most of the 20th century, table games were the leading service of casinos, and slot machines were designed to diversify the visitor's route to or from the establishment. Therefore, table game participants mainly received incentive prizes, and slot machine users were ignored.

However, in 70-80-is, technology development allowed slot machine transformation into video slots. The new, more exciting analog of the usual devices quickly became the primary source of casino income. But until the advent of club cards, there was still no suitable way to reward players with special bonuses.

Today, the club card is needed to track the activity of slot machine users and participants of table games. Some casinos also use it as a hotel room key or to pay for food, drinks, and other bonuses. In addition, the introduction of the card has changed the way rewards are awarded by standardizing the process itself. Points and gifts are now awarded based on accurate tracking of game results rather than at the whim of casino staff. Accordingly, even players with minimal bankroll feel special when cashing out a prize received at the Club.

innovations gambling

Cashless Gaming System

If you ask people what a casino sounds like, the first thing most people will think of is the distinctive metallic clinking of coins falling out of a slot machine when the jackpot is hit. Although this familiar sound has been a hallmark of casinos for decades, you rarely hear it today. It is because winnings are paid out inconvenient tickets with a barcode, which the player can exchange at the cashier for money or use in another slot machine.

The development is owned by International Game Technology and Casino Data Systems. The cashless system is considered one of the essential innovations in gambling, and it has become a standard in almost all major casinos around the world.

It is much easier for players to pick up their winnings in the form of a ticket instead of lugging around a bag of stained coins. Likewise, visitors can take a break, go to the restroom, or go to another machine simply by printing out a ticket rather than waiting for all the coins to fall out.

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