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Twelve Important Reasons Why
We Lose in Sports Betting

Sports Betting

In recent years, more and more people decide to engage in online betting and use platforms like NetBet Sport either as a hobby or professionally. There are very few winners, and this is because most players make certain mistakes over and over again. We have gathered the twelve most important reasons why people lose in sports betting.

1. Lack of information

You need to find deeper information than what the newspaper or websites may offer. Many players tend to consider themselves experts simply because they know the starting lineup of a team. You need to look for information from good sources. You need to look for reliable information that is freely available on the internet. It would help if you also watched some betting pages for information and not taking the gurus' suggestions for granted.

2. We don't keep a betting log

Like any good business, you need to keep a book of records so you can analyze them every week or month. This way, you will be able to understand why you are losing money. What are the most unpredictable leagues? In which category are you weak? Your notes will help you adjust your strategy in the long run.

3. We let emotions overwhelm us

Have you just lost five bets in a row? Why not risk your entire bank at your next bet to win? This is an unmistakable method of bankrupting. Control your emotions and never ever increase your bet, even after a series of lost bets. Take a break and stop betting for a few hours—or days.

4. We recklessly choose the host team

Statistics show that the home team wins by more than 50%. The home team has many advantages, such as the podium, the whistles of the referees, the familiarity of the field, the absence of travel, etc. Statistically, it would help if you avoided the away team unless you have very important reasons or information to the contrary.

5. We bet because we just watch the game

Too many players belong to this category. Of course, there’s no problem in placing one or two small bets that will make watching a match more exciting, but you should make it clear to yourself when you’re betting to make money and when you’re betting for fun. Only bet on the one game for which you have good information, as in you’ve studied the match and learned when the odds are more favorable.

6. Poor or no bankroll management (capital management)

Having no capital management system at all, or having a bad or incomplete plan is a surefire way to lose money on your bet. Some people choose to gamble 10 euros in one game and 100 euros in another simply because they believe in the 100-euro game. The proposed betting system in a match is a fixed betting system. Always bet a fixed amount until your bank has grown significantly. Only then increase the bet amount. Also, you should never double the amount in order to make up for a lost bet.

7. Faith in matches that can't be lost or "standard"

In betting, there are no matches that can't be lost. Many players throw a lot of money and big bets in games that they consider certain. Nothing is certain in this world. Also, do not believe the gurus and websites that tell you they have a guaranteed profit system or ROI of 80% - 90%, or behind-the-scenes information.

8. We don't understand the sport we are betting on

As with any job or even the stock market, you need to make sure you understand the rules and parameters before deciding to do it, especially when significant amounts are at stake. We have all made the mistake of betting on markets and sports we don't know (darts, cricket, bowls). Only bet on sports that you are interested in.

9. Live Betting

Many people make the mistake of waiting in front of their computer to bet on a Live event just to gamble—another unmistakable method of bankruptcy. Usually, on this occasion, you haven't studied the game enough. You bet or hope for luck by playing corners, number of fouls, and cards. In this case, the final winner will probably not be you, since nine out of ten players lose in the long run, and the betting platforms are gilded.

10. We bet when annoyed

There are many who, after a family quarrel, or quarrel with friends, turn on the computer to bet and calm down. This should be explicitly avoided, as a blurred mind can cost a lot through wrong choices.

11. Our winning or losing streak strongly influences us

Betting is a "sport" of psychology, and many players make the exact same mistake. When they make a series of losing bets, their self-confidence lowers which makes them choose their next bets with fear. On the contrary, when they "run" a winning streak, they change the way they play, raise their stakes, believing that their luck will make them rich. It would be good for each player to acquire his style of play, which will remain unchanged under any circumstances.

12. We do not know when to stop

In conclusion, if you are constantly losing money from month to month, it’s proof that betting doesn't suit you. You may treat it as a pleasure in your free time, but it’s definitely not profitable for you. So stop justifying yourself as just a matter of bad luck. Sure, you may have a series of failures, but no doubt the bad luck will go away on its own after two or three months. If you still see yourself losing after six months, it's time to stop betting and channel someone else's money and energy.

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