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Explained: Implementation of the Latest Technologies in Online Casinos

Our world is constantly in flux. The process of change is so steady that sometimes we miss it as it happens. Technological change is one of those things we seldom think about as it is occurring. In Hungary, online casino gambling would have seemed a dream a decade ago; now, it is available and commonplace.

We will examine the latest technology in the online gambling industry and how it benefits us. Szilvia Sultés, an expert in online gambling and a writer, will provide us with her insight and advice. Her years as a player give her expertise. Players in Hungary can find her at online poker magyar.

What’s New?


No discussion of technology would be complete without examining internet and wireless capabilities. The ability to communicate and send signals through the air is ideal for online gambling. It removes the shackles from our existence and grants us freedom. The advent of 5G and WiFi has launched gaming into the new millennia.

Telecommunications companies are rushing to find new ways to connect us faster. Soon, we’ll move from land-based towers to satellite systems that can cover the globe.

Video Graphics

The display on your computer, laptop, tablet, and phone all run on a graphics processor. These components render the image files in a program at astounding speeds. Yet, compared to the technology currently in development, they are lumbering dinosaurs.

Graphics engineers are always trying new ways to speed up the processors and give them more memory. These are the two main elements of video graphics, and soon, they’ll be as fast as the human eye.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often spoken of in futuristic terms. The truth is, AI is already here, and we all use it daily. Use Google to search? AI learns your search patterns and offers suggestions. Are you dialing a number on your phone? AI gives recommendations based on the numbers you key.

The potential for AI in online casinos is the ability to adapt and predict user play patterns. This sounds scary, but we’re not talking about advanced robots yet. Currently, AI is just one more way that computers respond so rapidly. Much like an Alexa or Siri digital assistant, the system learns more the more you use it. It then takes that training and tries to respond to the question you’re most likely to ask.

While AI is in use everywhere, there are concerns and constraints on its use. As the lawyers and courts battle the AI war, we get to ponder the potential of what it could one day do. In the meantime, predictive analytics, the analysis of patterns, and their frequency are about as close as we get.

Virtual Reality

Imagine playing a casino game that you are in. Not one that will burst toward you on a screen, but that immerses you in the experience. Virtual Reality (VR) is overwhelming. It places the player in the game, interacting with each element. The player becomes a part of the experience, a piece of the game.

VR is still in its infancy, yet, the possibilities in online casino use are undeniable. As the technology advances, expect to see the primary gaming companies offer VR slots and table games on multiple platforms. Prepare to be amazed.

Crypto and Blockchain Technology

While cryptocurrency has been around for a while, many are not familiar with it. In essence, it’s a securely encrypted, digital form of payment. No coins, no bills, just a numbered account secured by high encryption technology and a password only you have access to. Bitcoin is perhaps the most recognizable of cryptocurrencies. It offers untraceable transactions and requires no information other than the account number and password.

Blockchain technology is similar. It is used for data transfers and is very secure. It is encrypted and, without the correct password, it is inaccessible. As these technologies continue to develop, more casinos will gravitate to them for the simple purpose of securing user accounts and making them unhackable.

Cashless Payments

Cashless payments are something we all use every day. Credit, debit, and prepaid cards are a form of cashless payments. So too are bank transfers, pay-by-mobile, and digital wallets. These payment types eliminate the need for cash and allow the user to simply swipe or enter a card number and proceed to buy or sell.

This technology is used for day-to-day expenses, bill paying, and online shopping. It’s also accepted by online casinos.

As you can see, technology is changing the way we gamble online. The possibilities are wide-open and advancing every day. Players soon will be able to play in a VR poker tournament in their living room with 10 other people and never physically touch a chip or a card.

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