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How to Win at Roulette?

His Royal Highness Google gets this question thousands of times per day. He is never stingy with the answers and satisfies the most curious minds with various suggestions. You might come across pages describing simple and complicated Roulette strategies, long and short lists of tips given out for free by professional gamblers, truth intertwined with phantasy, and a million other things on the topic…

Here and today, we are going to talk about the most crucial things that everyone intending to play Roulette should know. Of course, if roulette isn't your thing, you could also try goldenslot games.

Without any further ado, let’s get this little casino party started.

The Gambler’s fallacy

Let’s begin with what Not to do.

How many times have you heard the idea: ‘Wow, that’s the 5th time a red number has come up…The chances of getting a black number are rising…’

Or, a close thought to that one: ‘Hmm, this slot machine hasn’t paid out for 5 hours! It is super hot now; that’s why I will place the highest bet. I will hit a huge prize any minute…’

Sorry to disappoint anyone who had a similar way of thinking about future probabilities: these are all wrong beliefs.

Let me introduce The Gambler’s fallacy, aka Monte-Carlo fallacy or the fallacy of the maturity of chances to you – a common misconception among gamblers based on the idea that the outcomes of every Roulette round impacts the results of the next one.

In reality, two separate drops of Roulette balls are two independent events, from a statistical point of view, meaning that they don’t influence each other. Consequently, the chances of each number to come up next round are always the same and equal 1 out of 37 (in French or European Roulettes) and 1 out of 38 (American Roulette).

Win at Roulette

So, things like lucky and unlucky streaks, hot and cold slots or Blackjack tables are not a thing, whether you are gambling at the most luxurious Vegas casino, against your friends in the kitchen, or online using the most promising bonus codes casino promos.

Stop basing your Roulette tactics on fallacies, and spread the word.

Roulette strategies

So, if following lucky streaks doesn’t work in Roulette… Then what does?

Clearly, the things that have some serious science in their foundation like Math.

The approaches like these have been developed, and the most popular among them are the Martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alembert strategies, Labouchere, and Paroli systems. The idea behind all of them is simple: raise your stake after every lost bet, and you will only have to win once to compensate for everything you have spent before.

The most aggressive approach among the ones we’ve mentioned is the Martingale system. The gambler needs to double every unsuccessful bet, which requires a considerable budget. If you start with a $5 bet and play 10 rounds, here’s how much money you will need to finish this race: $5-$10-$20-$40-$80-$160-$320-$640-$1280-$2560. Yes, there is a chance to win somewhere on the way, especially if you place safer outside bets with better odds. And yet, not everyone will be up for this task.

Plus, all the casinos are well aware of the Martingale strategy and its sisters, and they try to do their best to prevent players from applying them. Bet limits are a great way to do it: if you can’t bet more than $50, for instance, you will not be able to move past the fourth step in our Martingale sequence.

Even though these systems sound excellent on paper and do not work as smoothly at a real casino table, we still suggest taking a look at them and paying attention to the principles they teach. What is great about these betting strategies is that they make gamblers think before placing a bet and stay in control of their budget.

Roulette tips

Entering a casino, you automatically agree to gamble against all odds.

Casino games of chance are designed to give advantage to the House from the very beginning (called the House Edge), so beating it is not the easiest task.

However, there are a few things you should do to show the House your A-game.

  1. Before gambling for real, take some time to get ready. Study Roulette bets and maybe spin the wheel online for free first.
  2. Don’t play American Roulette when there is a choice: go for European or French variations. American wheels have 38 numbers (0,00,1…36), while the European – one number fewer (0, 1…36). The American double zero makes the player’s chances worse, and the House Edge – higher.
  3. If you decide to test one of the Roulette strategies, don’t try the Martingale. Choose the Fibonacci approach instead and use it when placing outside bets only.
  4. Study how inside and outside bets work in Roulette. Place inside bets in moderation: they pay out really well, but the chances of striking them lucky are the worst. Concentrate on outside bets: even though they payout at a rate of 1:1, their winning odds are as close to 50/50 as possible at a casino (Red/Black, Odd/Even/ High/Low).
  5. Set the gambling budget and stick to it. Never try to chase losses after you’ve spent your casino money.

And most importantly, treat Roulette as a fun game and casino losses – as an entrance fee. Remember to stop when the fun stops.

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