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A Simple Guide on How to Pick Lottery Numbers

How to Pick Lottery Numbers

Are you thinking about how to choose your lottery numbers? We all want to get lucky and it's a possibility. The lottery does not differentiate between race, religious creed, or social background, though they do say it makes winners more conservative in their beliefs.

It might seem like the selection of numbers is completely random but many people believe it's down to fate and that they can pick the right numbers to secure their destiny.

Here's what you need to know about how to pick lottery numbers.

1. Consider Birthdays

Consider converting your birthday into lottery numbers. For example, if you were born on 18 February 1994 then you might want to choose 18 and 02. If the lottery only goes up to 49 or 50 rather than 100 then you may want to want to reverse 94 and pick 49 instead.

You can follow this example and pick the birthdays for your other loved ones as well. You could consider using the dates of your children and husband or wife. You might even want to choose the numbers of deceased loved ones in the hope that they are looking down from above, helping you.

2. Consider Significant Dates

As well as your birthday you may want to choose other significant dates in your life. The date you got married, the date you graduated from college or the day something great happened in your life are all dates to consider.

You could consider choosing the date you or your wife found out you were pregnant for the first time or if you are single, you could pick the date you first met one of your best friends.

This could well be the best way of choosing lottery numbers for Lottery Live, the lottery of New Jersey.

3. Use A Horoscope

Another way to choose how to pick winning lottery numbers is to consult a horoscope. People have done this for thousands of years.

There are complicated charts and functions that can help you establish how to do this. Find an expert fortune teller to help you if you don't know-how. For a small fee, they can advise you on the best numbers to pick.

4. Don't Use Maths

It's mathematically impossible to predict the lottery, regardless of whatever anyone tells you. If the balls are picked by a machine at random or, as is the case with some national lotteries, by a different machine each week, there is no way of predicting the pattern.

If it was possible to predict the lottery then every mathematician would be rich from offering their advice about what numbers are likely to appear.

If you don't agree with any of the other methods then rely on your gut. This often seems to work.

How to Pick Lottery Numbers? Horoscopes, Lucky Dates, and Your Gut

If you want to know how to pick lottery numbers then the truth is there is no full-proof way. You have to decide on the method that works for you that you will hope will pay off one day.

Horoscopes and lucky dates can work but so too can taking your gut instinct. Close your eyes, make a wish, and let's hope your lottery dreams come true. Though also remember that like the characters in the British Drama, The Syndicate, the lottery doesn't always make you happy.

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