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Learn More Guide of How to Play OSRS Game Fast

OSRS is an abbreviation for the Old School RuneScape developed by Jagex. Old school runescape is the part of runescape, a billion-dollar franchise, and it is based on the concept of MMORPG. This game was launched in 2013, and this game is based on the idea of adventures. This game features adventures from solo play to 100 player massive raids with new lands and adventures, making it a popular game among the people who love adventures. OSRS has grown in the time of six years. It has also launched on mobile giving the user the ease to play on both mobile and pc. 

In this article, we will guide you to everything from creating and playing the game. Without wasting any time, let's get started and review this awesome game. 

What is Runescape?

Runescape (Old school runescape & runescape 3) is one such online game where gamers are 24/7 active and the type of addiction seen is unmatchable. Runescape is entirely made on MMORPG game. In the simpler term it is purely an online video game based on role-playing where the participants are Usually outsized in numbers. The participation happens simultaneous during the game play.

RuneScape is a browser-based fantasy MMORPG from Jagex Ltd. that has been around in some form since 2001. The game takes place in the divided land of Gielinor, where players can create their characters and advance through quests and monster hunting. While there is an overarching storyline, RuneScape is very non-linear, and includes minigames, events, guilds, PvP, and more.

Creating an account

Creating an account on osrs game is pretty simple. Simply go to the official website of the game and click new user. This will open a signup page where you have to enter a valid email address, date of birth, and your name. Once you have created your account, there are two things you need to complete before playing this game.

Download and login

Before playing the game, you need to check if your computer is running the latest version of Java. Simple head over to the java website and check the version of your computer. If your computer is not up to date with the latest version of Java, you will be promoted to a new window giving you the option to download the latest version of Java. 

After you have upgraded to the latest version of JAVA, download the Old school runescape from the official website. Before logging in to the old school runescape make sure you are free to play mode. For this option, click on the button in the bottom left corner, promoting you to the world select screen. Worlds with a silver star are free to play, and those with golds are for paid members. After choosing the world section, click on the existing user and enter your email address and password. This will prompt you to the club. 

Getting started

Once you have done changing the avatar and your info, its time to play the game, a variety of local tutors will lead you to the basic walkthrough of the game including combat skills and a few skills. 

The most important thing you need to do is set a bank pin. This will protect all your stored items if your account is compromised, Head to the bank on the top floor of Lumbridge Castle and pick the pin settings when talking with the bank teller, 

Gold is very useful in this game. With the help of osrs gold, you can buy things like weapons, Items and power. You can buy gold online from websites like, and if you have enough gold, then you will be able to complete this game quickly because you can upgrade easily with the help of gold. 

Why you should love old school RuneScape: all you need to know

Playing online games is not new but the scenario is nowadays becoming a trend with the craze of earning the money. Yes, absolutely right that here one can earn the currency named as OSRS gold. But the question is why people love this there are various things that make one attract towards this type of online game. It is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and you know it is developed and published by Jagex. The most important item of the old RuneScape game is the RuneScape gold. One can buy the membership through-in game gold by buying RuneScape bonds from the other players.

All about this game:

Basically, RuneScape takes place in the world of Gielinor, which was the fantasy realm divided into different kingdoms, regions, and cities. To challenge the player in each city, region or the kingdom offers different types of monsters. Players in the game are represented in different avatars. There is no storyline but the players have to develop their own objectives and goals. They have the choice to select their non-player character to fight. By this game, player earns the old school RuneScape gold. For many of the players selling RuneScape gold online is a large reason to farm gold. Because of its high demand and good price per million one can sell online OSRS gold for the real world money. There are websites like, where one can have their best option to get the required amount of OSRS gold for their own purpose.

Why to love this?

When it comes to playing the online games then what actually people think is of the pleasure makes them more likely to attract but here with the pleasure, you are warning the real money so this becomes the main reason why people are loving to play this online game. The best part of this game is playing different avatars that add more effects in pleasure while playing attracts people towards it. People love playing this game and soon there will be more excitement while playing when it comes to your mobiles. Soon it will come and you can easily play on your mobile and tablets.

Rules are there and that makes this game more secure. That means the personal information that is needed in this game should be secured and this is the first priority towards the players. Many third-party software websites and applications contain keyloggers, Trojans and virus which put players personal information in risk. Software that can be used to gain an unfair advantage is not be used in this game. So rule breakers are not invited in this game so having these advantages can make you fall in love with this online game. One can make multiple accounts and it's ok but when found to be a rule breaker then all the accounts are banned. Keeping all these in mind, and if you are a lover of online games, then this will be the best choice to have entertainment and the money at the same time.

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