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How to Play European Blackjack?

European Blackjack has its own set of rules

If the dealer has blackjack, he or she defeats any other hand with a value of 21. Of course, the player also possesses blackjack. After that, the game is a push. The dealer is sitting on a soft 17. The dealer does not check for blackjack in the middle of the game. Only hands with a value of nine, ten, or eleven can be re-doubled by the player. Players can only split up once in a game. Only face cards with the same character can be divided by players.

No hole card In European Blackjack

A player or players' hands are not completed until the dealer has dealt and/or consulted his or her second card, which is dealt face-up in European Blackjack. A hole card is dealt to each player at the same time as their first, face-up card, and this is originally placed according to wooricasino, Face down before being flipped over after all of the players' hands have been played.

In European Blackjack, the dealer does not peek

In both European Blackjack and American Blackjack, if the dealer's up card is an ace, the player is given the option to place an insurance side wager on the hand. As a final step, in the American version of the game, the dealer looks at their hole card to check if they have blackjack. Assuming they do, the insurance bet is paid out and all other bets are forfeited, unless the player also has a natural blackjack, in which case their hand is classified as a push and their stake is refunded to them. In European Blackjack, the dealer does not peek and instead waits the players' hands to play out to completion before checking for blackjack.

European Blackjack


In the last part, we covered how European Blackjack gets started. After the cards have been dealt, the player has the opportunity to make a move in order to win the hand. Any time a player has a blackjack hand (a 10-value card and an Ace), he wins right immediately. 'Push' mode is activated if the dealer possesses this hand as well. The player or dealer loses immediately if the value of their hand exceeds 21.

One of the following possibilities is available if the player's hand is rated at less than 21. In 우리카지노. An attempt to increase the strength of his hand, he calls for another card. He stands with what he has and does not draw any more cards. In order to double his original stake, the player must immediately stand after receiving his second card. If he has two cards of the same value in his hand, he divides it into two hands. It's important to note that each hand is wagered on independently.

After being dealt the first hand, he forfeits half of his original stake and leaves the table. The dealer now takes his second card and then plays his hand. Regardless of whether the dealer hits or misses, the player stands to gain. If the dealer chooses to stand, the player and dealer's hands are compared and the higher hand wins. If the value of both hands is exactly the same, the game is declared a push and the player's money is returned.

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