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How to Overcome Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction

Are you addicted to anything? Perhaps all of us crave a particular need. Some of us like smoking, and if you have a sweet tooth, you are ready for everything for a bar of chocolate. But there is one more addiction, gambling. You won't understand ardent players if gambling for you is not more than playing cards or buying lottery tickets at charity fairs. 

It is worth mentioning that not all the gamblers are addicted or turn to be in the future. Sport or shopping is not suitable for everyone as a method of stress relief or leisure. So that’s fine if you spend some time playing casino slots or table games just for fun or after a hard week at work. All the people need to relax, and everyone chooses what they like sweets or casino.

There are people who can not manage overeating, drugs, or other addictions due to weak willpower or inability to control themselves. Timely professional help may save people from being addicted. The North American Foundation for Gambling Addiction Help reports that nearly 10 million people in the USA (approximately 2.6%) have gambling-related problems. So if you feel like being addicted, follow these simple tips to overcome a big problem.

Accept your problem

No one can help addicted people if you do not realize the problem. Be honest with yourself and try to recognize the symptoms you have. You are likely to have an addiction if you:

  • Crave for betting big money
  • Feel nervous when loose
  • Can not quit gambling by yourself
  • Practice gambling to relieve stress
  • Lie close to people about gambling
  • Argue with family and friends about gambling
  • Spend all your money in a casino

If you recognize yourself on the list, you definitely need help.

Ask for Help

If you realize the problem, ask for qualified assistance. For example, you may join a support group or consult privately with a psychiatrist. Those support groups are usually anonymous and aimed at understanding yourself and your reasons for addiction. Moreover, people start feeling responsibility, constant support, and understanding that gives a push for 'recovery.'

Do not Tempt Yourself

Saying that you place your last bet, and stop gambling forever, is not a helpful way to overcome addiction. Each day's a struggle with yourself. So, put aside everything that evokes any associations with casinos not to fail.

Replace Gambling

Finding an alternative to casinos or slots may lead to success. Try to satisfy your craving with something else you like. Ask your loved one to share a common hobby, or remind them what your passion was in childhood. Shifting to another activity may help postpone gambling and give it up later.

Consider Consequences

Naturally, people feel regret only when they lose something. It is difficult to trigger feelings of guilt or shame if people do not accept their problem. But making people realize what they can lose in addition to money may be more effective. Respect for children or workmates may be more powerful leverage than any persuasion. 

If you think that there is no way back, you are mistaken. However, you may find a helping hand if you do wish!

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